Rubric for 2021 conference

As we think about what to do for a conference for 2021, here are some things we’d like to achieve:

  • Raise visibility of interesting projects within the community

  • Communicate what edX is working on and where the Open edX project is going, to increase alignment

  • Cross-pollination of activity

  • Inspire people to help with the Open edX mission

  • Showcase service providers to help them with their marketing

  • Provide space for people to meet and interact in less-structured ways

  • Create newsworthy activity that can raise the visibility of the Open edX project in the world

How would it work?

We don’t think a physical conference is possible. There have been a number of styles of virtual conference.

  • Pre-recorded talks, with live Q+A?

  • Spread out in time? A two-week festival with events spread throughout?