Original Declaration of Commitment to the Core Committer Program

Note: This document has been superseded by https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMM/pages/3216900524

March 23rd, 2021

We, members of the Open edX community and contributors to the project, declare our support and attachment to the success of the Core Committer program. We want to recognize the significance of the step taken by one of us, the edX organization, to ensure the success and future of the project. It opens it further and empowers its main contributors to do more. Sharing the responsibility of a project is never an easy step to take, especially one of the size and significance of Open edX; however, the dedication and vision of many in the community thus far have shown that it is the prudent step to take.

We are honored to be trusted this way, and as the community as a whole benefits from the project’s long-term success, we will do our utmost to demonstrate the program’s worth. This is a bet on the value of empowering the community, and we are determined to show the accelerating effect it can have on contributions, and on allowing the project to reach a broader audience.

To this effect, we formally commit our organizations to increase our level of contribution to the Open edX project for at least the next two years, through our participation in the Core Committer program. Core Committers are individual contributors chosen on their own merits, but as the organizations employing them, we will allocate resources to ensure they can contribute significantly to the project.

We also enjoin other organizations, technical and educational, to join us in our pledge, and to come to contribute to the project with us. We have all spent too much time working in isolation - now is our opportunity to impact the project as a whole, together.

Signatories and commitments:

  • ORGANIZATION commits COMMITMENT for each of our core committers (BOSS-NAME, TITLE)

  • edX continues to commit to the development, expansion, and success of the Core Committer program (@JP Beaudry (Deactivated), VP of engineering)

  • OpenCraft commits 20h/month for each of our core committers (Xavier Antoviaque, CEO)

  • Raccoon Gang commits 20h/month for each of our core committers (@Sergiy Movchan , co-founder & CEO)

  • eduNEXT commits 20h/month for each of our core committers (@Felipe Montoya and @Juan Camilo Montoya, co-founders)

  • Régis Behmo commits to providing timely answers to user requests and messages, within 3 business days, outside of holidays, on the repositories for which he is a core committer.

  • Edly commits 20h/month for each of our core committers (Zia Fazal, Engineering Manager)

  • Abstract-Technology commits 20h/month for each of our core committers (@Nicole Kessler and @Stefania Trabucchi )

  • @Peter Pinch (MIT Open Learning) commits to being the release notes officer.

  • Appsembler commits to (@Nate Aune, CEO):

    • Contribute i18n fixes for both XBlocks and edX Platform and reviewing community i18n PRs

    • Work on making Figures and Sultan more community-centric by incorporating product feedback loop from the community

    • Develop both the Introduction and Backend Open edX Engineering Onboarding courses