Open edX Hackathon Goals

  • Fixing

    • That piece of code that is just disgusting and a pain to use.

    • That workflow that drives you nuts but nobody's ever sat down to improve it.

  • Learning

    • That language or framework that you think will make your work easier but aren't sure.

    • Learning about different parts of our stack.

    • Learning something that is beneficial to your career/edX that is non-code related.

      • Culture hacking +1

      • Personal education +1

  • Experimenting

    • With how you build

    • With what you build

    • With who you work with

    • With who you build for (maybe Support or the PCs or other devs?)

    • Make a V0 of a feature that you're going to throw away.

Un-Goals of Hackathons

  • Doing sprint work as your hackathon project

  • Doing no work

How it's different than sprint work

  • doesn't have to be off a backlog

    • or maybe it's somewhere in the middle of the backlog and you want to do it NOW

  • can work with folks from other teams

    • or by yourself

  • you are in charge 

Sparking an idea

  • Is there a tool we already use that you could connect to another tool we already use?

    • consider Slack, Jira, github, Travis, Splunk, New Relic...

  • Is there data you already have access to, that you could use to drive something interesting?

  • Is there an external API you're interested in poking around in?

  • Are there PCs or Support folks whose workflows could be improved?

    • The Current support tool MFE came out of a hackathon to make supports life easier by pulling all the data they need into one place!

    • What are manual processes at edx that could be automated?


  • consider getting devstack set up before hackathon starts!