Hackathon XXVI: Love for Docs

Please keep in mind that this page is shared publicly with the external Open edX community and that confidential information (learner data, business plans, etc.) should not be shared in connection with any Hackathon project, whether on this page or in shared Slack channels or elsewhere.


Tuesday Aug. 10th - Thursday Aug. 12th, 2021

Presentations to be recorded and shared by 4 PM on Thursday, Aug. 12th


Love for Docs

  • Our developer documentation can be confusing and misleading!

  • Our feature documentation is not comprehensive and much is out of date!

  • What are “docs”? Anything written intentionally to educate or inform others: readthedocs, wiki, ADRs, etc. (Do videos count? Yes!)

Find Your Team

Idea Jams

We’re hosting two Idea Jams to get people connected to one another and allow for real time ideation! Details:

  • Idea Jam 1: August 5 from 1600 - 1700 ET, hosted in gather.town 

  • Idea Jam 2: August 9 from 0900 - 1000 ET, hosted in gather.town

Ideation & Project Docs

Here are some ideas and committed projects to get ideas flowing:


  • general hackathon chat: #docs-hackathon (in the Open edX Slack space); #openedx-external-docs-hackathon (in the edX-internal Slack space)

  • hackathon planning volunteers: #hackathon-planning (in the edX-internal Slack space)

  • make your own group channel too! Be mindful of what Slack space you create your channel in, if you want to involve the community.

Final Presentations


There will be fabulous prizes in the form of Spot Awards sent to each member of a winning team!

Our judges will pick one winning team per prize category there will not be separate judging for internal vs external teams (so team up with anyone!)

The prize will be:

  • Spot Awards for edX employees!

  • Open edX T-shirts sent directly to you for community members!

Prize Categories

  1. Built to Last

    • We want to make docs sustainable. For example, A project that makes it easier to keep docs up to date by building tools, or processes.  Anything that helps people keep the words matching our code and what we do here is a good candidate for this prize.

  2. Most ambitious

  3. Biggest improvement for our open source community

  4. Judge’s Choice

Occasionally Asked Questions

Can contractors participate?

  • yes!

Can the Open edX community participate?

  • yes!

I want to help, or to be a judge, or I have a really cool idea for how to run this!

  • contact us in #hackathon-planning (internal edXers only)