2021-08-11 Meeting notes


Aug 11, 2021


  • @Marco Morales (Deactivated)

  • @Awais Jibran (Deactivated)

  • @Asad Azam

  • @Jon F

  • @Jeremy Ristau


Blockers / Status as Necessary

Milestone Grooming


Discussion topics










Status / Blockers


  • None


Milestone Grooming / Review


v1.3 - Last task was closed. we are still reviewing that work with Yellowdig and it may add more work in v1.3

v1.4 - Pages & Resources

  • https://openedx.atlassian.net/browse/TNL-8606 : Moving textbooks to course authoring MFE: It might need additional tickets.

    • Marco: We might not need additional tickets or move it to MFE.

  • TNL-8606: should be gated behind the waffle flag.

  • https://openedx.atlassian.net/browse/TNL-8604: : Current waffle flag for enabling course authoring MFE will still respects that.

  • Course Advance Settings PR: Tabs API is also a part: We do not have a use-case for a tab api (yet) and its beyond the scope and can be deleted if it is not required?

    • Having a API can be helpful in future but we will only the “custom pages” will be sortable by users.

  • Not sure about any new ticketing coming in to v1.4

v1.5 -

  • TNL-7841: ADR is under review by DaveO.

  • Persistence of LTI keys?

    • Marco: This can be moved to v1.7 if the requirements are mostly used / helpful there.

    • Default settings for ON & OFF.

      • Visible as an option but it hasn’t been explicitly enabled (its not a visible navigation item) it should be disabled.

      • Team’s card for example.

        • Without any configured topics can we save it or enable it?

        • Today its only considered enabled if the team’s have all the options configured.

        • Should have some team default topics to start off.

v1.6 -

  • TinyMCE will work directly html. There is no markdown embedded. So we don’t need that one conversation step.

  • Version — Should be using the latest version b/c it work perfectly with react.

  • Existing : Markdown — can contain html tags. its stored on the server. the html version rendered and do need sanitization.

v1.7 - In Discovery: OpenCraft

v1.8 - In Discovery: edX

  • No blockers actually will hop on it in next sprint.

Action items

No action items from this meeting