Revised Declaration of Commitment to the Core Contributor Program

29 November 2021

We, members of the Open edX community and contributors to the project, declare our support and attachment to the success of the Core Contributor program. We want to recognize the significance of the program to ensure the success and future of the project. This program opens the Open edX project further and empowers its main contributors to do more. Shouldering the responsibility of a project is not a small task; both the work and decision-making need to be shared among the project’s community members. The dedication and vision of many in the community thus far have shown that it is the prudent step to take.

The community as a whole benefits from the project’s long-term success, and therefore we will do our utmost to demonstrate the program’s worth. The program shows the value of empowering the community, which has an accelerating effect on contributions, and allows the project to reach a broader audience.

To this effect, we formally commit our organizations to renew or increase our level of contribution to the Open edX project for at least the next two years, through our participation in the Core Contributor program. Core Contributors are individual contributors, chosen on their own merits, who collaboratively participate in the development of the Open edX project in a wide variety of capacities. As the organizations employing them, we will allocate resources to ensure they can contribute significantly to the project.

We also enjoin other organizations, technical and educational, to join us in our pledge, and to come to contribute to the project with us. Now is our opportunity to impact the project as a whole, together.

Signatories and commitments:

  • ORGANIZATION commits COMMITMENT for each of our core contributors (ORG LEADER NAME, TITLE)

  • Axim Collaborative commits to the ongoing stewardship of the Open edX project and the Core Contributor program (@Edward Zarecor , Vice President of Engineering)

  • Edly commits 20h/month for each of our core committers (@Zia Fazal , Engineering Manager)

  • Régis Behmo (@Régis Behmo) from Overhang.IO commits to create and complete 10 pull requests per year to address issues and implement new features across the Open edX platform.

  • Appsembler commits to (@Nate Aune, CEO):

    • Contribute i18n fixes for both XBlocks and edX Platform and reviewing community i18n PRs

    • Work on making Figures and Sultan more community-centric by incorporating product feedback loop from the community

  • OpenCraft commits 20h/month for each of our core contributors. (@Xavier Antoviaque, CEO)

  • eduNEXT commits 20h/month for each of our core committers (@Felipe Montoya and @Juan Camilo Montoya, co-founders)

  • Abstract-Technology commits 20h/month in total and distributed in the main activities of the main core committers (@Nicole Kessler and @Stefania Trabucchico-founder and @Ghassan Maslamaniand others )

  • Raccoon Gang commits 20h/month for each of our core contributors (@Sergiy Movchan, CEO and co-founder)

  • 2U commits to (@Julie Davis (Deactivated) , VP Technology, Open Courses and Marketplace):

    • 2U commits to continued maintenance of the repositories and edx-platform djangoapps that 2U employees own

    • 2U commits to collaborating with the community to reduce the risk on 2U operations of pull requests from outside of 2U

    • 2U commits to ongoing participation in Open edX working groups

    • 2U commits to collaborating with the community to transparently conduct our work related to the open-source platform

    • 2U commits to participating in the Open edX technical oversight committee

  • Peter Pinch (MIT Open Learning) commits to being the release notes officer for nutmeg.

  • NAU Platform commits to keep the Portuguese (PT) language up-to-date and, whenever it is possible, to contribute with pull requests (@Pedro Cabral, Manager of NAU Platform at FCT-FCCN, Portugal)

  • The Centre de Pédagogie Universitaire, commits up to 20h/month for the work of our core contributor (@sambapete, Pierre Mailhot) through his participation as reviewer in the Translation Working Group and his participation in testing and quality assurance in the Build-Test-Release Working Group (Bernard Bérubé, Deputy Director, Centre de Pédagogie Universitaire, Université de Montréal).

  • ABC Online Courses commits 20h/month for each of our core contributors. (@Dean Jay Mathew, Director)



This document updates the from March 2021 with language that is inclusive of all members of the community and core contributors of all roles, not just code committers. This aligns with the update to the Core Contributor Program in August of 2021 to broaden the program to translators, project managers, UX/UI designers, and more, as described in Language specific to edX as administrator of the program has been removed in accordance with the acquisition of edX by 2U.