Meeting notes from BTR group October 25th 2021


Open edX BTR working group
Meeting notes October 25, 2021 15:00 UTC




·    Support for Gradebook MFE

o    The Gradebook MFE makes undue calls to analytics services

o    No longer makes segment calls to analytics remaining calles to ur being worked on

·    [Tutor] Support for master →

  • Tested by 2 users users can be tranalated to a beta one release

·  →

  • An error on redirect logging works and refreshing the page works to recall all items not currently a showstopper for beta 1 release but will need checking


  • Support for the Learning MFE 1

    • This works with tutor and maple but work continues from multiple groups to enable refactoiring for “branding” headers in the learning MFE. Groups to coordinate

    • Learning MFE does work with with Tutor and with Maple

·    Support Profile MFE

  • Works but additional work in the Frontend group will be attempting to make builds and delivery faster and increase brand ability in the MFE systems

·    [Tutor] Codejail plugin should be ready for Maple →

  • Merge into master edx for maple as a plugin.

·    Kickstart the Release notes

  • Release notes taken by Peter and coordinate with the edX product team for release notes

  • Increased strictness on pr:

    • This has worked well but needs to continue for future PR and


·    We need to create the tag BUT it would be nice to close some of the outstanding issues. Let pick a date (Next BTR meetup?) as the final deadline for this.

  • Majority of issues are defined and assigned some will not make cut to ensure the lilac 3 tag which will be done on the 6th of November 2021 regardless of PR status

·    Non-MFE Payment Flow → Did any discussion take place around the work required for this?

  • Some investigation took place from @RegisB help is sought on the functionality and setting up eccommerce for additional testing

·    Bulk course emails are rejected by email server because of an invalid “from” address

  • Now assigned

·    Bulk email templates contains many edX-specific reference (and are thus unusable)

  • DB to contact Ned B to create pr and evaluate work done

AOB Additional volunteers are asked to join the open edX community to help resolve issues