2021-11-10 v1.6 Milestone Product / UX Review


Nov 10, 2021


  • @Marco Morales (Deactivated)

  • @Aamir Ayub

  • @Jon F


Async, then sync review of v1.6 Prototype to review UX Product feedback for future tickets. TBD on ticket grouping for these suggested changes, and priority of these may vary. Can try to designate which at blockers to initial educator v1.6 Preview vs work that can be completed after the educator preview is enabled.

Sandbox Link: https://discuss.discussions.sandbox.opencraft.hosting/discussions/course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course/topics

Feedback Items / Areas

Page / Area


Page / Area


General Styling

Not sure if sandbox is using edx-theme for brand colors, would be worth checking that before flagging type / color issues throughout application.
Add a post button isn’t the right red color for brand-accent so I’m presuming this is a theme file issue currently.

Update: edX theme applied

Navigation Header

Primary navigation items are floating tabs currently but mockups have them as a “Outline Brand” buttons

Search box is close but rounded corner difference and outline color difference might just be a brand theme issue?

Post Items

A few issues here, most of which can I think be checked using Figma’s Inspect tool for margin / padding / font size. A sampling included below:

  • Avatar icon is larger than it should be and too close to the Title and author of the post.

  • Font weight and size on Post title and author needs adjustment down

  • First line post preview isn’t yet in this post listing item

  • Time since post can shorten to 59m, 6d, 40w, 2y (minutes, days, weeks, years) from {count} {time-frame} ago. Also the font-size of this can drop down to match mock.

  • Icons for three key actions could use additional padding between them, and the numeric values next to the icons can use additional spacing.


My Posts

All Posts

  • I can’t seem to see more than 10 posts, not sure why?

Browse Topics


  • Topic listing counts show 0s for all type and topic, this may still be in development?

Create New Post

  • When I create a new post, I would expect to be taken to that post, but the create new post form closes, and I don’t even see the post necessarily make its way into the My Posts list (or All Posts list). Some testing reveals to me that sometimes newly created posts never turn up? Or there is some sort of performance or caching issue here.

  • It seems the TinyMCE Autosave feature? or something else is remembering what I recently added to a previously submitted post or comment. Not sure why but if I open a different response box I would expect autosave to only store draft content for that individual comment block. Certainly if I submitted a post or response, then create a new post I wouldn’t expect that previously submitted text to be in a new post or new comment.







Action items

Add visual mock reference for pinned posts. (This may be on another page / state but I didn’t see it in the latest high fi version for the post sidebar.