2021-12-01 Meeting notes


Dec 1, 2021


  • @Aamir Ayub

  • @Marco Morales (Deactivated)

  • @Kshitij Sobti

  • @Awais Jibran (Deactivated)

  • @Asad Azam

  • @Mehak Nasir



Discussion topics





Timeline of v1.6 and v1.7

“/” feature depreciation

  • Find which of the courses that are still running (end date and enrolment date), and self paced courses, are using this feature

  • Discuss this list with Kathleen Duffy

Legacy discussion topics mapping

We need to provide a UI for mapping legacy topics to the new MFE. Potential conflicts could be:

  • 2 Discussion blocks in same unit (check out common patterns on coursegraph)

  • Blocks across multiple units pointing to the same discussion block

  • Nested categorie

  • Explore enrolment track (in addition No cohort, cohort) explore this on coursegraph if this is course metadata

Enrolment track option

We need to explore how many courses are using it


Roles API implementation is currently the only work pending for v1.6

Educator preview switching mechanism

right now we only have waffle flag for the new MFE. We need to build a story around Educator preview switch

2 separate waffle flags for v1.6 and v1.7

OC will implement after code cleaning of v1.6

Testing MongoDB API

  • CS50 probably don’t have a lot of discussion activity.

  • Use snowflake to find out which courses have the most discussion volume

  • Start with “the science of happiness course”

Ed discuss credentials

Ed discuss credentials working for course but not for MS program. Need to discuss with the team.

Action items