Open edX BTR working group Meeting notes Nov 8, 2021, 15:00 UTC




Lilac.3 outstanding issues

·         Bulk course emails are rejected by email server because of an invalid “from” address 4

·         Bulk email templates contains many edX-specific reference (and are thus unusable) 1

  • Will merge into maple branch

·         Non-MFE Payment Flow 5

  • Adolopho max and jhonny were going to work on what was needed.

  • Will be worked on ecommerce migration in next sprint and redo what is needed and how this is scheduled going forward.

  • Will make changes into master maple branch

  • There is a workaround


·         Support other payment processors 2

  • Will give regis a look at in maple will have a stab at fixing this

  • Cybersource issue in payments issue and will. Not working in devstack or tutor paypal does work in both

  • Custom payment backends

  • Code is separated should be able to implement and generic system @regis bypassing paymentmfe. Using old flow.

  • Will be work to implement new payment processors. 

·         Support for Gradebook MFE 1

  • Internationalisation is stuck and will keep investigating and some calls little feeback from the edx team in charge of the issue

  • Change pr raised to look at how calls are routed to mfes.

  • Changes to react app to allow this

  • The Gradebook MFE makes undue calls to analytics services 1

    • Can Closed call is a call that affects the mfe and change to modify this in edx.

    • New issue about calls back to servers

·         Support for the Learning MFE 2

  • At point of needing testing can use on the maple branch for testing

·         Support Profile MFE 1

  • At point of testing and working with internationalisation

  • Branding is to be addressed by new pr for mfe brading

·         “Uncaught TypeError: n is null” during login to LMS

  • Pr awaiting review on edx core contributors to review changed by js function call is required. Some hard coding of staging environments

·         [edx/configuration] Mongo 4.4 licensing issue 2

  • Questions raised against issue  not assigned users on the issue. Issue requires clarification

·         What are we testing? (new features) Hooks, xAPI/caliper, (old features) Badgr

  • Make a list of things being tested in the btr group and testes against maple

    • As a way of coordinating testing

    • Include things that do not need testing but include results in the

    • Confluence or github?



AOB  Need volunteers

·        Improving documentation around how to enable features

·        If people can spare the time to work on these

·         Bulk course emails are rejected by email server because of an invalid “from” address 4

·         edx-platform triggers too many deprecation warnings 2

  • Django 3.2.9 4

    • Maple insclusion