Development Environment (DevEnv) Working Group


This working group is chartered with improving the local development environment with an eye towards faster development and easier testing.

In the short term, this will include the migration from devstack, the current environment setup, to Tutor, a project developed and maintained by TCRIL with edX/OCM support, as well as investigation into alternatives to Docker Desktop.


Slack: #devenv-working-group


This group was chartered in response to the confluence of a number of factors that highlighted the long-term instability of our current devstack environment:

  1. Docker Desktop requiring a paid license for businesses over 250 employees or over than $10 million in annual revenue

  2. Devstack not working on the new M1 macs

  3. New OpenEdx releases running on Tutor instead of Devstack

  4. TCRIL switching to Tutor as the preferred environment for openEdx

Why Tutor?

Tutor is the only supported installation method for Open edX releases, starting with Maple. It is being actively developed and used by Open edX community members outside of 2U, and has already implemented key architectural improvements that have proven challenging to do in devstack. As 2U employees, using Tutor for development will allow us to more closely mirror community installations as we develop and test, and spare us from bearing the full burden of maintaining and enhancing an Open edX development environment.


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Wednesdays 3-4 pm EST

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