Administering a CC Onboarding (Non-Coding roles)

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Overview of the whole process

  1. A new CC goes through the nomination process

  2. The new CC or their sponsor reads this onboarding page and creates a new GitHub misc. systems request ticket.

  3. Axim on-call steps in and administers the access request ticket. Copy-paste the checklist below into a comment on the filed GH Access ticket and tick things off to make sure you get it all done.

    • This will involve some intermediate steps, including: the CC completing their onboarding course, and the CC program admins sending them the required legal docs.

Note on the CLA

Non-coding CCs do not need to sign a CLA.

On the other hand, coding CCs do, so they have a separate runbook.

Checklist for Axim on-call (paste into the GH request)

### Non-Coding CC Onboarding Checklist for Axim On-Call - [ ] Invite them to the [Core Contributor Onboarding course]( (link requires login) and let them know they need to complete the steps before they’re fully considered a core contributor (if you don’t know their email address, comment on the GH ticket and consider it blocked until you get that info). - [ ] Confirm with them that they received the course invitation and have successfully accessed the training course. - [ ] Let CC know that they may be required to take the privacy and a11y courses when they become available. - [ ] Verify with Sarina or Axim Legal that the new Core Contributor successfully completed the required legal documents, including both the CLA and the CC Agreement. (Usually Legal will contact the CC Admins about this so you can check in with them if it’s been a little while). Keep the ticket open with status “Blocked”, until this is done. Once complete, follow the remaining steps (some may be handled by the CC onboarding course now). - [ ] Invite the CC to the Open edX `#core-contributors` Slack channel. - [ ] Add them to the [Core Contributors list]( - [ ] Look up their record in Salesforce and grant them the Core Contributor role. - [ ] Send Dean a direct message on Slack with the full name and email address of the new CC. (Dean will send the new CC an email explaining the bi-weekly check-ins at [](, the [report spreadsheet](, and provide the CC with a link to the latest sprint retro recap thread [in the forums]( Dean will contact Fox Piacenti to add the new CC to the correct Listaflow list, and ensure the CC has successfully created an account.) - [ ] Ask a Forum Moderator to [award the “Core Contributor” badge]( to the person’s forums profile. (forum moderation rights are listed on the [Core Contributors page](

Axim on-call: you do not need to worry about this. The checklist above has you mark the GH request as “Blocked” while this happens.

As a part of the training course, the CC will send an e-mail to the CC Program Admins asking for a CC Program agreement to sign.

  • Go to

  • Create a new document from a template. The Open edX Core Contributor Agreement template should be shared with you. Use that template.

  • Send them the CC Agreement to sign. See the sample message below:

Hello <New CC>,

Please sign this Open edX Core Contributor Agreement.


  • Note that non-coding CCs don’t need to sign the CLA.