DEPR Release Notes Process

When a new release is being cut, the BTR WG will notify the DEPR working group about the new release. We will then follow this process to ensure that release notes around deprecations are added to the release notes.

When We Review the Board

  1. As things get moved to ‘Removing’ or ‘Removed’, add the custom label corresponding to the targeted release to the ticket.

Release Notes Process

  1. When a new release has been cut, the BTR WG will notify the DEPR WG.

  2. An agenda item to go through this process will be added to the agenda for the next DEPR meeting.

  3. Review each ticket that is in the ‘Removed’ column on the DEPR board as a group.

    1. In addition, we should do a skim of new tickets in ‘Proposed’ and ‘Accepted’ that we feel should be included in release notes, for example: code that is being turned off by default in preparation for the release afterward.

  4. If we feel the ticket needs release notes OR the ticket has the needs release notes label attached to it, ensure that release notes are written for that ticket.

    1. Either the DEPR WG will write release notes (perhaps assigning a member to write them), or the WG will ask the person who finished the removal to write release notes.

  5. Archive the ticket in preparation for the next release.