Maintainership Pilot


The Slack channel: #maintainers-pilot.

Scrum of Scrums

This is a public group that meets every 2 weeks currently. Meetings are on the public working group calendar. This group includes all the maintainers named in the pilot.

You can add the event to your calendar from here.

Pilot Details

Quality Standards

A full set of quality standards are still in development, but as we add them, we are adding ADRs to OEP-55.

Pilot Phases







Fall / Winter 2022

  • Basic metadata on repos and maintainers

  • Sample of 10 repos with maintainers from 5 companies

Spring 2023

  • SLA for responding to and merging pull requests

  • 27 repos (9 carry-over from Phase 1)

  • Includes all MFEs in Palm





Overall Pilot Expected Outcomes

We’re currently taking a multi-phase approach, but these are some overall outcomes from the full process:

  • The process for finding new maintainers is clear and documented.

  • A documented standard exists for basic maintainership artifacts

  • Communication gaps and missing rituals are identified and implemented

  • We are ready to add more repos to the official list of maintained repositories

Bootstrapping Maintainership, per OEP-55

This is the approved text from OEP-55 describing our intentions for the bootstrapping process:

In order to ensure an orderly roll-out of the formal maintainer role, existing 2U staff in the owner role will transition into the role of maintainer for the components that they own.

Community members who are acting in informal maintainer roles will also be asked to become named maintainers.

A list of all components and their maintainers will be created and published, including a list of the components without a maintainer.

An asynchronous channel will be available for all maintainers to communicate and collaborate; initially this will be a Slack channel.

Standards for measuring the quality of repositories will be rolled out across all repositories. These standards can benefit from work done at edX to measure repository health.