Feature definition: Learners area

Learners tab will show the list of learners along with the filter status and filter menu as shown below.

Figma mockup: https://www.figma.com/file/LVFnO9oRHYiamoicZuXDAC/Discussion-page?node-id=5377%3A113859

  1. What about cohorts? If course is divided by cohorts:

    1. If current user is a (learner, group TA) role, only users belonging to the same cohort as the current user, will be listed, in addition to course staff, course admin, discussion admin, discussion moderator and community TA roles.

  2. What filter or sort options should be available for user list?

    1. No filters.

    2. Only sort by:

      1. Recent activity

      2. Most activity

      3. Reported activity (only available for users having moderation privileges)

  3. Default sort for user list:

    1. Sort by recent activity when viewed from learner account

    2. Sort by reported activity when viewed from account having moderation privileges (TA, Group community TA, Discussion Admin, Discussion Moderator, Global staff)

  4. What filter or sort options should be available for posts list for a selected user?

    1. Preferably the same sort options available for My Post and All Posts tab

      1. When viewed from an account having moderation privileges:

      2. When viewed from any other account:

  5. To replicate legacy experience, we need to make usernames clickable. Once a username is clicked, the current user will be navigated to the Learners tab and show posts by clicked username.

Clicking on a Learner will display list of posts by that learner, just like in My posts tab, as shown below. Except that there will be options to:

  1. Go back to the list of learners (with same sort order and filters as perviously selected)

  2. Navigate to posts of next learner (next learner in the previously selected sort order and filters)

As opposed to current implementation, threads will not be displayed separately as Posts, Responses or Comments. Same is the case with legacy experience as seen below.


Rough work:





Navigating to learners tab will show a list of learners with an option to filter and sort.

  1. Filter/sort menu will show only 2 sort options: Reported activity, Most activity (this will change in future after completion of this ticket).

  2. Default sort for users having moderation privileges will be by Reported activity. For everyone else, it'll be by Most activity.

  3. Reported indicator will show number of reported content (post, comment or response) and number of previously reported content upon mouse hover.

  4. Total number of content (post, comment or response) learner has authored.

  5. Total number of posts the learner has authored.

  6. Do not build. No need for actions menu at the moment. In future, it will be used for Promote to Community TA option.

  7. Move over will highlight the learner card.