Core Contributors: How to Help the Project

Core Contributors commit their time to helping out the project. However sometimes it can be difficult to figure out ways to participate, especially if there’s not currently much to do in your area of expertise. However, there’s always work to do, and there’s always the opportunity to learn something new! Here are some participation ideas; feel free to add your own.

Note: non-CCs are welcome to pick up these tasks as well! These are great ways to start showing that you can demonstrate the 3C’s - which will build up your case for joining the CC program in the future.

For All Core Contributors

  • Going through the latest forum threads, and answering questions from other users

    • This is really important! We have far too many posts with 0 answers

  • Joining working groups & taking on tasks

  • The latest checkins recap thread lists requests for collaboration/help – see above, you always have a few options. The checkins threads can be found with this tag: Topics tagged core-sprints

  • Anything covered by the core contributor scope document 1, which can also provide some additional inspiration

Specifically for Coding Core Contributors