Ecom Services for Dogwood

We are planning to include Ecom services in named releases and devstack, starting with Dogwood.


UPDATE: Documentation for Otto is still missing. Fully documenting the system should take about one developer week. It will be hard for Product to justify taking the time to do this work before the XSeries MVP is delivered. As such, ecommerce services will be included in Dogwood, but won't be fully documented or supported until the Eucalyptus release.


 Notes from 7-20-15 Meeting

Ecom in Named Releases

Attendees: David Baumgold (Deactivated) Feanil Patel ClintonB (Deactivated) Renzo Lucioni (Deactivated) Sarina Canelake (Unlicensed)

  • Possible to include as part of full stack
    • pretty small compared to other apps
  • Documentation would be required
    • current documentation sucks
  • biggest challenge is documentation
    • Need two halves of documentation:
      • Open edx oriented - enabling otto &  running your instance w otto
      • Developing on Otto (developer's guide)
  • integration is a few settings & oauth
  • some integration work needed on ops side - Ecom team can handle
    • ansible
  • course administration tool needed in dogwood
    • expected to land in q1 (so no worry)
  • Goal for service is to be available but turned off by default (dogwood)
    • goal: by Eucalyptus turn on by default
      • makes path to deprecate / remove shopping cart, other code, much more clear


TODOs and due dates

TODO / JIRA ticketAssigneeNotes

Ecom: get otto into devstack & fullstack (put ecom in devstack - ansible changes)

XCOM-509 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Renzo Lucioni (Deactivated) 
Coordinate documentation work (talk with docs team, generate JIRA tasks)Sarina Canelake (Unlicensed)Occurred  
Follow up meeting at an appropriate point in time (when we're closer to the release, and there's stuff to update everyone on)Renzo Lucioni (Deactivated)Occurred