2022-10-11 - Product Working Group Meeting Notes and Agenda

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Agenda Items for 09-13:

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Notes/Next steps

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Notes/Next steps

Review action items from last meeting [will be covered in the project status reviews]

@Jenna Makowski

Action items copied in section below



Project Status Updates: Governance Charter

@Jenna Makowski @Xavier Antoviaque

Review of final edits and comments and finalize. Set plan to review on a regular cadence. https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMM/pages/3487301637

@Xavier Antoviaque to review remaining comments and new edits, and close comments if resolved. Once comments are closed, @Jenna Makowski to post final version in original discourse thread. Ticket created to do a retro in 6mos.

Project Status Updates: Product Narrative [prod-nar]

@Faqir Bilal @Santiago Suarez @Jenna Makowski


@Faqir Bilal and @Jenna Makowski to continue collecting feedback on prioritization of the 6 value propositions.

OEX as LTI provider use case


Putting feeler out about pursuing project to implement a tool for OEX to function as an LTI Provider https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RybaRsQg1ayREOQ-CmNMO8S8BcZol6cXHiLNmgG23i8/edit#

@Jenna Makowski to follow up with @Scott Dunn with template spec doc.


@Sarina Canelake

Summary idea behind OEP-57: we wish to define what a Product Narrative, a Core Product Offering, and an Extended Product Offering are, and detail the process by which we will get there. https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMM/pages/3540713547/Open+edX+Proposal+57+Product+Offering?src=mail&src.mail.action=view&src.mail.notification=com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-notifications-batch-plugin%3Abatching-notification&src.mail.recipient=8a7f808a7e00012e017e0289182301dd&src.mail.timestamp=1664995272833

Review period for OEP-57 is open. Please provide in-line comments and feedback!

Product Narrative - Completing Mindmaps for other use cases

@Faqir Bilal

Feedback from group on whether a template/workshop would be helpful


Feedback on course entitlement feature


Broader topic - building channels for feedback on community use of a feature


Note that this is open for comment


Notes on proposal for LTI1.3 Provider tool:

Current pain points: Current LTI provider is not robust enough, the UX/workflow is not user-friendly, it’s too cumbersome for courses with multiple subsections generating links, it’s not upgraded for 1.3

User needs: Schools want to be able to include OEX content in their offerings for many kinds of tech certifications but don’t want to be stuck in the Enterprise offering. Need to be able to easily export/share at the subsection level and integrate subsections to Canvas or other LMS.

Scope: Upgrade LTI Provider tool to 1.3 and improve UX design and workflows.


-Need to stay competitive with other LMS providers.

-Critical functionality for users who wish to use OEX as their primary authoring environment

-Critical functionality for OEX interoperability narrative