2023-02-28 - Product Working Group Notes and Agenda




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Notes/Next steps

Agenda Item




Notes/Next steps

Product Review of OSPRs


@Santiago Suarez @Ryan O'Connell

 New process to:

-All PRs that require Product Review will have a Feature Ticket created on the Open edX Roadmap. All product review will happen on these Feature Tickets, here.

-Tickets currently “ready for product review” can be picked up for review


Product Review owner + expert directory

10 mins

@Jenna Makowski



Open edX Conference Topics

20 min


@Jenna Makowski


  1. Product Roundtable

  2. BoF - follow up questions from Roundtable and meet & greet PMs

  3. Product Working Group meeting

  4. Informal get-together?



In-person Working Group meeting ideas:

  • Interactive brainstorming exercises of various types…

    • Brainstorm upcoming roadmaps - what are people working on? What’s the plan for the next 6-12 months?

    • Perform an affinity mapping exercise, which is where you look to gather input from people in your group around a topic (“most important projects and tech debt”, for example). Each person writes one idea on one post-it (as many as they want), then everyone groups them together to see which areas are weighted more heavily than others.

    • Brainstorm UX, product requirements, or architecture for an upcoming project. We can provide large pads of paper to do interactive “whiteboarding”

    • Updating the relevant section(s) of the Tech Radar for your group

  • Work sessions, including…

    • Talking through a new OEP, set of ADRs, or any other large projects where synchronous communication can speed up a process

    • Having one or more people present a bit about what they’re working on, and the group uses the time to ask questions and dive deep

  • A more traditional “read-out” format; Eden suggested discussing:

    • Your accomplishments over the past year

    • Your planned initiatives for the year ahead

    • Potential collaboration opportunities



  • Read out of product narrative data project

  • Celebration of accomplishments last year

  • Planning WG roadmap for next ~6mos