2023-04-19 Marketing WG

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Notes / links

Action items

eMOOCs conference

@Stefania Trabucchi

  • Probably we will have Anant Agarwal performing a talk

  • The Workshops - EMOOCs was confirmed by the organizers. June 14, 2023 at 9am CEST

  • Talk proposals are to be confirmed still.

  • We will have one table which we can decorate with:

    • Hand-outs & brochures and marketing material etc.

    • Place for 3 Roll-ups

Participants in the conference (axim, edunext, abstract and raccoongang) will meet separaterly on April 20th to coordinate the details.

Open edX Sandbox

@Eden Huthmacher

The current Open edX Sandbox deployed by edunext is ending its initially agreed period.

This has been a good resource for the community and potential new adopters, so the conversation will continue into the alternatives to carry on with a Sandbox in a way that satisfies all service providers.

Interested parties @Edward Zarecor @Natalia Vynogradenko @Ayaz Quraishi , and will meet to define the way forward.

Brainstorming session

The Results of the brainstorming session in Boston and Meeting notes from the 05.04.2023 where reviewed, specially the structure of the document and the first section about team norms and rules.

We’ll continue working with the document in the following meetings

New tool for managing MWG activities

It is sugested to migrate from Trello to Github projects in order to better articulate our work with that of the other WG.

proposed to explore glassfrog as a free tool to help us manage the organization and its governance with holocracy principles

will invite everyone into Github projects

will showcase the glassfrog tool to the group.

MWG charter page

suggested that these rules are integrated into the draft for the MWG charter page we started discussing in 2022

will incorporate the agreements into the soon to be published MWG charter page

OKRs and tasks

The proposed actions items for 2023 are now organized in the form of OKRs here.

Members of the MWG are invited to volunteer to lead some of these initiatives or propose new ones

Reporting the outcomes of the MWG meeting

The system for reporting the outcomes of the group to the comunity was explained.

volunteered to produce the notes for this meeting and to share the steps at the begining of the next call so that we rotate this responsability.

will add this as the first point in the next meeting agenda.

Other Action items: