2023-04-27 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes


Apr 27, 2023


  • @Jason Wesson

  • Faateh sultan

  • Yagnesh Nayi

  • @Brian Smith

  • @Pedro Martello

  • @Max Frank

  • @David Joy (Deactivated)


 Discussion topics









5-10 minutes

General catchin-up

@Adolfo Brandes

  • Conference updates (repeats last meeting)

    • Adolfo and Brian Smith’s MFE dev tutorial: feel free to use the material.

    • There were talks about MFE domains (Adolfo) and frontend extensibility (David Joy). See slides and videos on .

    • FWG conference session was about deprecating old frontends in edx-platform. More details:

10 minutes

MFEs in Palm

@Adolfo Brandes

  • Status of the Palm MFE list

    • ORA Grading: still pending this PR (on Adolfo’s court)

    • Communications: needs a community maintainer and proper review.

    • Learner Dashboard: will be offered as “experimental”. The maintaining team has agreed to review PRs that address bugs and other changes that make it work with Tutor. It is suggested that a tutor-contrib-learner-dashboard plugin be created in the openedx org.

  • Node 18 update: currently blocked by Enterprise. FED-BOM is working to try and get it in for Palm, but not guaranteed.

5 minutes

Frontend Plugins

@David Joy (Deactivated)

  • 2U is starting to see use cases for frontend plugins to help maintain our MFE architectural boundaries and keep 2U-specific code out of the open source repos.

  • David’s planning on trying to write up a technical specification referencing a few open PRs related to the effort. (JS file config, iframe based experience plugins)

 Action items