2023-04-24 DevEx Meetup Notes

Apr 24, 2023


Please be advised: DevExp Working Group meetings are recorded.

Link: https://axim-org.zoom.us/rec/share/bEOynDh9XiONJSvYQXg-FnBwB_EVBIeWi6KgQ5mV98fAA9qbK_0tIPmcJAsbW9w_.sZXXfr5y7WOSzM3l


Meeting captain: @Kyle McCormick

Notetaker: @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated)

  • @Diana Huang

  • @Connor Haugh (Deactivated)

  • @Ghassan Maslamani

  • Michael Wheeler

  • Yagnesh

Discussion topics





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Overview: rewriting static asset build for edx-platform to get rid of the python involved and have it all be front-end tooling
What does it mean to process static assets?

  1. Build. Turn scss into css, run webpack

  2. Collect. Copy all built assets to a folder

  3. Watch. Run a daemon to look at built assets and rebuild if things change (only for dev env)

  • Making the collection step simpler:

    • Previously, you had to use paver as a wrapper around the python management command. We moved the necessary configs into edx-platform so we don’t need paver. We can just run ./manage.py <cms/lms> collectstatic. Result: No more paver!

  • Before: certain xblocks generated scss and we used those as input to the lms and studio scss. That meant there were intermingled stylesheets

    • Now: we write separate stylesheets that are included separately since xblocks are optional plugins

    • This is a step towards reimplementing the build without python

  • Current: writing GH actions

    • Ideally, no one notices except maybe that something is faster

    • We don’t want to click through and look at every asset because literally no one has time for that

    • Instead: look at output processes from old and new. Generate sha1s for each created file, and compare the list of shas.

      • Still not a bad idea to spot check

      • based on an existing action that built all assets for every PR to make sure they were ok

  • Q&A:

    • When you compare the diff, how do you know which file is which if the name has changed?

      • the name only changes for prod builds, not developer builds, so it’s easy to compare


Cross Pollination

  • Tools/features/opportunities

  • Tips and tricks

  • Roadmap news

  • @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated)

    • Momentum on metrics has slowed a bit. Need to look into Grafana and Prometheus, which would be more useful for the community than Okay anyway

      • Unclear how long we are willing to spend on this

  • Connor

    • Spent a lot of time in edx-sandbox world (really would be much smoother if aligned more closely with tutor/community use), no improvements made, just challenges.

      • Notes:

        • Cycle time is very long.

        • Sandboxes are important for a lot of developer use cases, especially around QA

        • Opportunities for overcoming the many and varied challenges?

    • bind-mount has been hard to work on because of inertia required, but I do have a personal goal around it, and will be picking it back up soon.

  • Kyle

    • I would really like to get sandboxes* going, but I don’t have time right now. Would anyone be interested in helping lead this? Farhaan from OpenCraft says that it should be pretty easy with Grove.

      • *sandboxes could mean several things:

        • pr sandboxes

        • reference environments to hook up to

        • feature sandboxes

      • Notes:

        • sandbox: small instance you can spin up to show off a feature

        • A lot of folks have their own versions, including 2u, OpenCraft, Axim

        • Grove is an OpenCraft tool for managing Open edX instances, and they already have a way to plug it into GitLab

        • question: who would be the host for PR sandboxes that come from the community?

          • Maybe Axim? There would have to be a cost analysis to figure out how many sandboxes Axim could support at any given time

          • Make it easy for providers to set up their own hosted sandboxes on their own infrastructure

        • there would be some overlap with hosted development environments

  • Diana

    • Arch-BOM is going to start planning on developer data project soon

    • Notes:

      • Cloud-based dev work has been pushed to after dev data

      • Goal: import and modify development data easily for faster start up of development work

      • Arch BOM keeps getting sniped by event bus and weird upgrades


  • Each challenge should have a follow up action.

  • If you have an idea for follow up actions, add it.

  • Or if you aren’t sure, leave it blank.

  • We’ll discuss all actions either way.

  • @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated)

    • Metrics was supposed to be a very short thing but has spiraled. We’re trying to rein it in so we can move on to “real” devex things

  • Kyle

    • How to make this meeting the best use of folks' time, especially people who live in different time zones.

    • Notes:

      • Targeted agenda items vs freestyle section

      • Section in template for “I would like to talk about this specific thing” that could be filled out beforehand?

      • What role should the discussion of this group’s roadmap or planned work?

        • “One of the ways to get people to stick around is to sign them up to do things”

        • Hopefully Arch BOM will be able to pivot to more devex work soon and have roadmaps to share

      • Keep recording meetings and taking notes. People like them!

      • Suggestion:

        • send out agenda earlier in the week to give people a chance to pre-populate items

        • keep on keepin' on

  • Ghassan

Meeting captain: Transpose action items into the “Action Item” section below.


  • DevExp wins!

  • Kyle

    • Slow but steady progress on static assets, with help from Andrey from eduNEXT

      • collectstatic without Paver

      • decoupling xmodule styles from LMS/CMS styles

  • Ghassan

    • Deploy Open edX instance using Mac mini (cost 599USD) and used as a DevEnv to lower cloudprovder cost

    • Notes:

      • Makes up cost of cloud provider in 10 months

      • Does require changing of local router to allow external traffic

      • Ghassan is writing a blog post

      • https://lms.zaat.dev

      • Question: do you use ngrok for dynamic ip tracking?

        • No because his ISP doesn’t allow dynamic ip with incoming traffic

        • Home rolled a tool to update the dns record every 5m

    • Relaeted Roadmoad issue: https://github.com/openedx/platform-roadmap/issues/169

      • Doen’t really solve it for production mode (I will write context in the issue above)

  • Your Name

    • Your Item of Success to Share


Suggested Action Items

0-2 minutes:

Last Time:

This Time:

@Kyle McCormick @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) send out agenda ahead of time next time
@Ghassan Maslamani will add ( the github-action for cherry-pick proposal for cherry-picking commits/branch) on the next BTR agenda

At somepoint of time
@Ghassan Maslamani will share a blog post about using Mac mini to deploy Open edX instance from home/on premsis

Look at the board