2023-05-18 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes


May 18, 2023


  • Host and note taker: @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Muhammad Abdullah Waheed Khan

  • Yagnesh Nayi

  • … folks that didn’t get recorded


Please be advised: Frontend Working Group meetings are recorded.

  • Video:

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 Discussion topics










FED-BOM updates

@Muhammad Abdullah Waheed Khan

  • Node 18 upgrade

    • Only a couple of PRs left

    • Requires backport PRs for Palm

  • React router upgrade

    • Upgrading to v6 - change in frontend-platform

    • It’s a breaking change, so it will require changes to MFEs

  • React 17 upgrade plan

    • To be executed after the above

    • No breaking changes (according to the docs)

  • edx-platform in all this?

    • Node 18: baby steps:

      • The first one is upgrading webpack from 2 to the latest

      • Next one is karma (or replace it with jest!)

      • And then… everything else

      • None of this is happening for Palm


Palm updates

@Adolfo Brandes


MFE domains

@Adolfo Brandes

Showing off some of the PoC code (see recording) and Q&A

  • Subdomains vs subpaths between MFEs? react-router is now responsible, so it’s all subpaths

  • What’s the build package size as compared to now? Each MFE is its own lazy-loaded, smaller package (because we don’t include React etc), so it should all be much faster


 Action items

FED-BOM will create backports of the Node 18 PRs to Palm, @Adolfo Brandes will review/merge them
FED-BOM will issue a Node 18 PR to frontend-app-learner-dashboard, @Adolfo Brandes will help push it along