2023-05-25 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes


May 25, 2023


  • Host and note taker: @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Ben Warzeski (Deactivated)

  • @Brian Smith

  • @Jesper Hodge

  • @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)

  • @Fox Piacenti

  • @Felipe Montoya

  • @Omar Al-Ithawi

  • @Pedro Martello

  • @David Joy (Deactivated)

  • @Ghassan Maslamani


Please be advised: Frontend Working Group meetings are recorded.

 Discussion topics









5-10 mins

Avoiding devstack-specific values post js-based config

Brian Smith

  • Relevant issue

  • Relevant PR comment

  • Tentative consensus that config files shouldn’t be committed to MFE repos with hard-coded assumptions about the environment they’re running in

  • A large DEPR conversation about switching to .env to .js: David will type it up in a proper DEPR ticket

5-10 min

Enzyme Deprecation

Ben Warzeski

  • Come up with guidance on how to migrate

    • Even if it’s just links to PRs that already did the migration

    • Checklist in the DEPR ticket

    • @David Joy (Deactivated) suggests looking for automation to help with the migration

    • @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated):This might be useful for reference:

  • Timeline? React 17 is not being deprecated any time soon, but when we upgrade to 18, the migration is required

  • No new code should be written in enzyme starting now; update OEP-11

  • Get DEPR process started sooner rather than later; @Jesper Hodge or @Adam Stankiewicz might write the DEPR ticket itself

  • Communicate the deprecation to the community

5 min

Upgrades status

Jeremy Bowman

  • Node 16->18 upgrade nearly complete (modulo outliers like edx-platform)

  • react-router 5->6 upgrade is well along, draft PRs already in most repos

    • Ok to check in the upgrade if it’s already done

    • @David Joy (Deactivated) : is there a way to leverage frontend-platform to make the upgrade saner? (A new component that all MFEs import)

      • Not needed right now

  • React 16->17 upgrade next after that, expected to be straightforward

  • React 17->18 blocked by Enzyme issue

5 min

MFE dev pain points poll

Jeremy Bowman

  • Is anything particularly painful for MFE dev in Tutor?

  • Same for devstack

  • Pondering stub servers/pact as project for summer intern; anything higher priority in this space, or does that work?

    • @Ben Warzeski (Deactivated): further discussion on API contracts (frontend study group?)

    • @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated): Unit tests of provider need to honor the contract

      • Automation system that holds contracts and notifies consumers when they change

 Action items

@David Joy (Deactivated) will start a draft DEPR ticket for the .env files in the MFEs
@Jesper Hodge (or @Adam Stankiewicz ) will help write up the DEPR ticket for enzyme
@Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) will check if a presentation on stub servers/pact is possible at the next early FWG meeting
@Adolfo Brandes will bring up the topic of the enzyme deprecation at the next early FWG meeting


  1. (Majority, but not unanimous) When deprecation .env files, their replacement shouldn't be committed to MFE repos with hard-coded assumptions about the environment they're running in
  2. No new code should be written in enzyme as of today: the DEPR process will start ASAP