2023-05-17 Marketing WG

Date: May 17, 2023

Participants: @Juan Camilo Montoya @Stefania Trabucchi @Nicole Kessler @Cecilia Liu @Cassie Zamparini Doug, Harrison, @Angie Ruíz @Faqir Bilal @Ayaz Quraishi Warda,@Ayaz


Continue with the MWG’s OKR list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Ju_m1DgERpvfYaFrW7bu5XMU402UqVseCr7IRKBtzw/edit?usp=sharing left from last group meeting, go through items and get clarifications from proposed service providers.



Discussion Item



Discussion Item


10:00 am

  • New Member : Doug will replace Cassie as the representative from Open Craft in Marketing Working Group



  • New member : Harrison from eduNext has joined in MWG


10: 05 am -10:45 am

@Faqir Bilal has shared a survey https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/arbisoft.tableau/viz/OpenedXProductNarrativeSurvey/vFpBQap9Qw done by Product Working Group why customers choose Open edX, Open Craft, Racoon Gang and Abstract have done something similar

@Stefania Trabucchi ,Doug will work together to help define the persona of Open edX users with the shared results.

@Faqir Bilal Asked about the participation of eMOOC in Germany in June, mentioned Edly might send someone too



@Juan Camilo Montoya added redesign the default platform footer

Need confirmation and legal advise from Axim/open edX

Overlapping of tasks on identifying successful user stories with social impacts

Combine item 10 and 17 from https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Ju_m1DgERpvfYaFrW7bu5XMU402UqVseCr7IRKBtzw/edit?usp=sharing , decide how the spotlight and new website section will be presented

Organize Open edX Site Operator training to simplify the Open edX platform configuration efforts

Need @Eden Huthmacher clarification on this since she is away today

10:45 am-11:00 am

@Ayaz Quraishi mentioned one slack post from Ghassan on low/no lead receiving from Open edX, and other members shared the experiences of receiving edX’s lead requests rather than Open edX from market place. @Cecilia Liu asked how to better address to institutes the benefits of adopting Open edX than putting courses with edX. @Stefania Trabucchi and @Faqir Bilal clarified that edX fee is high and the selection process is very strict.

Need to check with @Eden Huthmacher if it is necessary to come up with a process of assigning leads to service providers based on contributions?

@Ayaz Quraishi will contact each service provider regarding the solutions and experiences with market place’s lead generation.


Questions: What is the current process of assigning leads of Open edX to service providers?

@Angie Ruíz suggested to initiate a filter at market place to differentiate the leads of Open edX and edX, so no unnecessary resources are wasted on chasing after edX’s prospects.

Confirm with @Eden Huthmacher to see if it is doable.