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Contributor Coordination


To improve and establish spaces and mechanisms for collaboration between core contributors and other members of the Community


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The Contributor Coordination Working Group aims to improve and establish spaces and mechanisms for collaboration between core contributors and other members of the community by:

  • Fostering effective communication and collaboration between different working groups and contributors within the Open edX community

  • Facilitating the sharing of knowledge, updates, and best practices across teams.

  • Coordinating the efforts of different working groups to ensure alignment with the overall goals and objectives of the Open edX community.

  • Actively seeking to identify blocked contributors, and helping to resolve the blockers

  • Identifying dependencies, and promoting cross-team collaboration.

  • Actively seeking opportunities for continuous improvement within the Open edX community. Encouraging working groups to identify areas of improvement, propose solutions, and drive initiatives to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality.

  • Establishing feedback channels and mechanisms to gather input, ideas, and concerns from different working groups. Regularly collect feedback, address issues, and ensure that the voices of all teams are heard and considered.

  • Encouraging active participation and engagement from all working groups within the Open edX community. Foster a sense of belonging, inclusivity, and shared ownership in collective decision-making and community initiatives.

  • Establishing metrics and reporting mechanisms to track the progress and impact of the working group's initiatives. Regularly communicate updates, achievements, and challenges to stakeholders and the wider community.

  • Embracing an adaptive mindset and encouraging agility within the working group. Continuously evaluate and refine the charter's goals and strategies based on the evolving needs of the Open edX community.

Latest news

Last updated: 2023-10-16


Anyone who participates in Contributor Coordination WG is considered a member. There are several ways you can participate:

  • Chat with us on Slack or the Open edX forums.

  • Join the meetups.

  • Propose and take on Community improvement opportunities

Active Members

  • Natalia Chocontá

  • @Xavier Antoviaque

  • @Jorge Londoño

  • @Dean Jay Mathew

  • @Cassie Zamparini



Xavier Antoviaque
October 16, 2023

@Brian Mesick @Jill Vogel @Régis B. @Régis Behmo @Felipe Montoya @Braden MacDonald @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) @Kyle McCormick @John Swope @Adolfo Brandes @Eden Huthmacher @Nicole Kessler @Jenna Makowski @Feanil Patel @Ghassan Maslamani

I ping you here because you’re listed as a chair or lead of one of the working groups. We are trying to facilitate the work of @Natalia Chocontá A who writes the working group updates in the forum (see ), and allow you to decide more precisely on what to put in your working group’s updates.

To that end, we are proposing to add a “Latest news” section on each working group wiki page. That section would be updated by each individual working group each sprint (ie every two weeks) - then @Natalia Chocontá A would only have to copy it to the forum post. Currently she has to dig through the meeting notes of each group, and it’s hard for one person to be fully up to date on everything.

Xavier Antoviaque
October 16, 2023

@Dave Ormsbee (Axim) Are you the chair of the Architecture working group? Not sure who I should ping there

@Diana Huang @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) Same question for you for the Deprecation working group - do you know who is leading that group?

John Swope
October 18, 2023

@Xavier Antoviaque I’m on board with this proposal and can start making these kinds of updates. Will pay attention if there are any other updates to the approach.


Adolfo Brandes
October 18, 2023

Here’s the Frontend’s:

Brian Mesick
October 19, 2023

Created a skeleton here:

Dave Ormsbee (Axim)
October 30, 2023

@Xavier Antoviaque: Yeah, that’s me, though I’ve been very inactive on that front, and I need to see if I can get a volunteer to push some of those things forward.

Sounds good to me, and thank you for the heads up.

Braden MacDonald
November 2, 2023