2023-06-01 Maintainer's Meeting notes


Jun 1, 2023


  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • @Feanil Patel

  • @Jeremy Ristau

  • @Gabriel D'Amours

  • @Maria Grimaldi

  • @Michelle Philbrick

  • @Adolfo Brandes


  • Feanil

    • Iterating on new Axim owned repositories, mostly XBlock related ones.

  • Ned

    • Working with Sarina on some updates to the GitHub permissions memo based on questions from the 2U side.

    • Working on the GitHub/Jira bot

    • Looking for other Jira users to see if there are use cases he should be considering

    • Read the docs is changing some integration requirements that will require attention. ArbiBOM are reviewing what is needed. Feanil and Ned will connect on creating an Axim engineering ticket to track the work holistically.

  • Adolfo

    • Not much to report vis-a-via Frontend Template App.

    • Conversations about deprecating Enzyme, which has been abandoned are on-going.

      • Jesper H has a proposed update the OEP that enumerates Frontend requirements

      • Adam S is working on a DEPR ticket.

    • Additional maintenance that will be required across all FE repositories includes:

      • Node 18, almost complete

      • React Router, in process

      • React 17, queued up

      • React 18, after Enzyme deprecation and React 17 upgrade

    • Axim will be taking on maintenance of a new repo, Open edX Tutor Plugins for experimental plugins.

  • Gabriel

    • Continuing to update the maintainer score cards, getting close to done with some stragglers.

    • Happy to help Michelle with the work marshaling PRs.

  • Maria

    • Keeping up with PRs on the Events/Filters repositories. There are a couple of active contributors to those repos.

  • Michelle

    • There are some stuck PRs in the credentials repos, will find some time with Kelly B and Tim to discuss how to unstick.

  • Jeremy R.

    • Team looking at migrating to the React Test library, which is the recommendation for replacing Enzyme.

    • Team has created a spec memo for the Studio MFE work, Adolfo has seen, reviewed, supports.

    • Course Authoring repo will become maintained by TNL as a result

    • Studio Frontend will eventually be deprecated and removed.

    • Additional permissions for Devops at 2U. The Devops team at 2U wants to enable the transifex both/Jenkins on the Library Authoring repository. Given changes to permissions, they don’t have access to this via push-pull-all. Jeremy will connect Adam B and Brian S from the Axim side to decide the right next steps.

  • Ed

    • Wanted to make sure everyone is following the label update

      • Labels are now uniform across repos.

      • We say “No 's in labels” will be our standard

      • If you need a global label, please open a ticket on the Axim public engineering board.

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