Large Instances Meeting Notes 2023-08-08

Video recording:

Updates from each org on the call. What's new with your deployment(s)?

eduNEXT - still working on the CDN work previously mentioned. We’re also looking into load testing with K6, and found some problems with Caddy. After a certain threshold it throws 502 errors. Indicates that for large clusters, we may need to make some changes. But we’re still investigating so it’s too early to say. It’s also sporadic.

eduNEXT - we may be releasing our load testing scripts / benchmark tool if there’s interest, and potential for collaboration around that. It wouldn’t be part of harmony but still part of the large instances umbrella.

OpenCraft - still working on when we can start the work to convert Grove to Harmony.


Harmony project updates: Review list of PRs and issues, and assign anything un-assigned.

Open discussion/questions, if any.

Discussion about documentation for setting up Tutor in production [for smaller instances]? Actually we usually advise against using Tutor in production for single-instance setups. It doesn’t provide enough control surface to manage the deployment in the way that is necessary.

Discussion about how to run Open edX on the equivalent of what used to be a single-instance, single-VM installation. Should we run a tiny k8s instance on a single VM? Thinking about this.