PR Reporting Use Cases

We are currently in the process of looking into options for reporting on OSPRs (open source pull requests) in order to ensure that SLAs are being met, and that we’re being responsive and timely in our triage.

While the Maintainership Pilot is the main catalyst for needing more robust reporting options, we’d also like to be able to apply better reporting to non-maintained repos to identify areas that are bottlenecked and might be good candidates for help from Core Contributors.


Please help us craft our reporting by contributing to the Use Case list below. Getting feedback on what information is important for different users will help us know what types of reporting we should focus on. Please feel free to add to this list, or expand on anything currently listed.

Per this thread, we’ve also made some minor updates to the Contributions board listing OSPRs to help track some basic milestones in the pull request process. While we work on collecting use cases and honing new reporting methods, these updates will allow for additional filtering options in the meantime (better at-a-glance views of when pull requests were opened, when they were sent for review, etc.).

Use Case - Draft List

As a maintainer

  • I want a report of my repos that indicates how much time pull requests spend in statuses like waiting for author, waiting for review

  • I want a report on whether I’m meeting my SLAs for

    • Security upgrades

    • Response time

  • I want a report on lead time to merge

As a project leader…

  • I want to measure CLA compliance across the entire project

  • I want to measure CLA compliance across maintainer teams

As a community manager

  • I want to be able to quickly see how long pull requests have been waiting for review

  • I want to be able to track how long pull requests spent in each status on average, filtered by creation or completion date

  • I want to be able to identify unmaintained repositories with long turnaround times for reviews so that they can be brought under maintainership sooner rather than later