2023-09-01 Educators WG



Date and Time

Friday, September 1, 1pm EST | 5pm UTC

Meeting Minutes

Colin Fredericks from HarvardX will give a short presentation on some custom open response assessment tools that can "remember" and pull up responses from other parts of the course.

After that, there will be a guided discussion about open response methods, best practices and headaches. The goal is to come out with a list of methods that work well in different scenarios and some wish-list features for the product.

  • 02:00: Custom Open-Response Assessments - Colin Fredericks (HarvardX)

    • 03:00: Demo of open-response assignments with custom rich text editor via Summernote

      • Abilities to download, save, and write multiple drafts

    • “Backpack” functionality that allows you to save and retrieve student data from earlier open response problems. Thereby allowing you to have a kind of first-draft, second-draft, and so on system.

    • 08:30: Technical explanation of configuration

    • 16:20: Implementation Instructions for open-response and backpack

    • Resources:

  • 21:40: Short Response X-block - Marco Morales (Schema Education)

    • 23:50: Demo of proposed functionality, including LLM feedback and options for LLM assessment.

      • This x-block is still in the design phase.

  • 36:40: Proposed ORA Enhancements - Juan Camila Montoya (EduNext)

    • TurnitIn Integration

    • Configurable Weights for Assessment Scores

    • Learner Re-submission Option

    • Human Readable Activity Dashboard for Instructor

    • CTA: Juan is looking for feedback on these proposals

      • Survey:

  • Open discussion on Open Response Assessment approaches

    • Graded for completion (minimum character threshhold)

    • ORA rubric-based grading

      • Self, Peer, and Staff grading

    • Free-Text Response X-block ( )

      • Grading based on keywords

      • Collect free-text submission (i.e. course feedback)

    • Google Forms for free-text submission

  • LWMOOCs conference (October 11-13) is accepting Poster Submissions

    • Reach out to Mary Ellen Wiltrout on Slack or via the LwMOOCs website: