Open edX Release Notes Checklist

Things that can be done before the release is cut

  • find the date for the previous release (for Olive, this was October 11, 2022)

  • find the date for the next release (for Palm, this was April xx, 2022)

  • Create a wiki page for the next release, on the Open edX Release Planning wiki page (Redwood)
    ##ings to do after the release is cut

  • add an appropriate TOC to the release notes

  • add any items from the Pending Release wiki page

  • Review and incorporate any feature posts from edX Partner announcements

  • Review and incorporate any feature posts from the open edX blog

  • Review commit messages from relevant repos. Dinghy seems like a useful tool for this. I used this config olive-dinghy.yaml

  • Review DEPR tickets

  • Diff the technical documentation and build a list of links to both new and removed settings.
    ##ta tasks

  • Review and update this checklist

Directions for using this Checklist

Create a Github issue from the contents of like this one for Quince.