2023-11-02 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes


Nov 2, 2023


  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Bilal Qamar

  • @Mashal Malik (Deactivated)

  • @Muhammad Abdullah Waheed Khan

  • Yagnesh nayi


 Discussion topics









20 mins

Deprecated code removal from edx-platform

@Muhammad Abdullah Waheed Khan

  • Account, profile, and some ecommerce pages

  • Breakages at 2U:

    • An internal template override (for a reverse() url) broke edx-platform

  • Should we announce before removal? Or should we add it to a planned release?

    • Could it have been caught by CI?

      • No, because it is an internal override

    • Should we support this kind of override in the first place?

      • Probably not.

    • We should just follow OEP-21, but since it’s taken so long for this particular DEPR ticket, an announcement in the forum would be corteous

    • Also, since edx-platform doesn’t have a proper CHANGELOG, make sure to flag commits with BREAKING CHANGE or !, and that will help the release notes author noticing it.

20 mins

React router upgrade issues and future plans

@Muhammad Abdullah Waheed Khan

  • Should we announce these changes? How?

    • Yes if it’s a deprecation: see previous entry.

  • We should be test any frontend changes against Tutor, where applicable. The upcoming sandboxes project will help with this.

20 mins

Pluggability catch-up

@Adolfo Brandes

Catching folks up on the Pluggability discussions.

 Action items

@Adolfo Brandes will bring the Tutor sandbox testing discussion to Axim Engineering: will we be able to use sandboxes to avoid Tutor-compatibility issues?