2023-12-04 DevX Meetup Notes

Dec 4, 2023 // Today’s Date

Meet link: https://meet.google.com/eia-hvpt-mfr


Please be advised: DevX Working Group meetings are recorded.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o1aOkuMp154g0XMA7JoHIXwOSLVNCIZg/view?usp=sharing


Meeting captain: @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated)

Notetaker: @Kyle McCormick

Participants: @Emad Rad @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) @Diana Huang

Discussion topics





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Scheduled Topics / Demos

If you want to schedule topics or demos ahead of time, add them here!

  • Becca: Tutor on M1 redux

    • Webpack failure during npm ci for bind-mounted edx-platform

      • debug after meeting if time allows

  • If the live demo gods smile on us: tutor package auto-mounting – new for Quince.

Cross Pollination

  • Tools/features/opportunities

  • Tips and tricks

  • Roadmap news

  • @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) (2U - Arch BOM)

    • We’re still trying out DevSpace. Big question for us is how to get the helm charts we need, and also connecting to vault

    • Tried tutor on my machine again (see topics/demos), no dice


  • Each challenge should have a follow up action.

  • If you have an idea for follow up actions, add it.

  • Or if you aren’t sure, leave it blank.

  • We’ll discuss all actions either way.

  • @Emad Rad

  • @Kyle McCormick

    • Have not been able to work much on tutor b/c Content Libraries is taking priority currently

  • @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)

    • 2U vendor review process is painfully slow. Escalating this as a problem in general, not just for the OrbStack review

  • Your name: Your topic


  • DevExp wins!

  • @Emad Rad

    • Became the maintainer of cookiecutter-tutor-plugin repo.

      • much appreciated!! -Kyle

    • tutor-mfe PR related to having a Makefile and Testing/Linting finally got merged:

    • From now on we can install tutor dependencies with tutor[dev]

  • 30 universities in Egypt are using @Emad Rad and friends' work!

  • @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) continued incremental improvements on devstack and documentation. We now also get devstack issues automatically on our board

Suggested Action Items

Last Time:

@Kyle McCormick try Colima
(FYI OrbStack is still in 2U vendor review)
(And 2U is trying to kick off vendor review for Colima also)
@Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) Consider making the devstack channel public
Becca to announce in the 2u channel that there’s an openedx channel that they should use for non-private issues
@Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) to check Tutor on ARM again-again (userid thing is fixed)

This Time:

Becca to remove look at the board from the template


Look at the board

After the meeting…

  • Make an agenda for next time (copy the template).

  • Axim: Paste in the Meet link once it’s ready.

  • Paste these notes and next week’s agenda in #wg-developer-experience