2023-12-18 Educators WG

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Transcript: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1afBaezAi67vSSmimPmx53KHQ23wAbSJY/view?usp=sharing


  1. Summary of work to date. 

    1. AI In Education Panel 

    2. Started an AI MOOC Toolkit

  2. Goals

    1. Capture snapshot of current community use of generative AI

    2. Capture concerns and interests of the community with respect to AI

    3. Understand what the community would like to learn about AI this year.

  3. Poll Results:

    1. Do you use generative AI in designing or building your courses?

      1. 58% - Yes

      2. 42% - No

    2. Which of the following use cases have you used in your workflow (check all that apply)

      1. 66% - Ideation

      2. 66% - Summarization

      3. 66% - Text Generation

      4. 66% - Information Retrieval

      5. 44% - Image Generation

      6. 33% - Assessment

      7. 33% - Code Generation

      8. 33% - Other

    3. Do you plan to use AI in the delivery of your courses?

      1. 77% - Yes

      2. 23% - No

  4. Question: “What ways are you using AI in your learning experience”. 

    1. Themes:

      1. Brainstorming

      2. Translation

      3. Research

      4. Support/Tutor bots

      5. ORA feedback

      6. Generating alt text

  5. Question: “What are your concerns?”

    1. Themes

      1. Lack of deep learning, atrophy of critical thinking (primary)

      2. AIs replacing tutors

      3. Plagiarism

      4. Data Security

      5. Hallucinations

      6. Bias

      7. Educators not being able to use it

  6. Question: “What would you like to learn about AI this year?”

    1. Image creation

    2. Rubrics

    3. Find the “best” AI

    4. Creating custom GPTs

    5. Increased Course Development Efficiency

    6. Incorporation into languag eMOOCs

    7. Use cases with data on impact for students engagement and learning or design efficiencies.

    8. How to use it effectively myself and to teach others for  course development and assessment

    9. Retrieval Augmented Generation/Custom Assistant

    10. Adding AI to the Open edX platform

  7. Open Discussion: What are you interested in learning more about this year around AI. 

    1. AI-powered tutors and “chatbots”

      1. Similar to the Khanmigo product

    2. I want to understand and be able to articulate (e.g. to learners) where the information from LLM responses is coming from. 

    3. Impact

      1. What is the impact on students? 

      2. What is the impact on learning?

      3. What is the impact for educators who are trying to teach students?

    4. How can we give practical tips/learnings to our educators?

    5. I want real/tangible examples

    6. What can be done around enforcement when plagiarism is suspected?

    7. How to increase accessibility for less technical students?

    8. What can we learn as educators/course creators using AI?

  8. Update Documentation Project

    1. Goal: Make significant progress before the conference in July 2024

    2. Call to Action: Volunteer for a section to “map” the new Open edX docs to the existing ReadtheDocs.

      1. Join the “documentation” Slack channel for more information and to ask questions.