Large Instances Meeting Notes 2023-12-12

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Updates from the Community:

edunext (@Moisés González ):
current focus on reducing cloud use by switching to spot instances.
base nodes on demand - rest on spot instances.

Opencraft (@Gábor Boros ):
reviewed the open PR. Gabor's PR is waiting for review and Jhony will assign time this sprint.

2U (@Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) ):
Some progress on the evalutation of devspace. Not much to report there.
The codejail in k8s evaluation is looking like it will use a VM to host a django version of edunext's codejail service.
Jeremy will publish findings in the ticket.

Emad (@Emad Rad ):
Nothing to report. The PR that Gabor reviewed is merged. Some of the multitenant issue for ES remains open as
multitenancy ES only works when there are no other tutor plugins present that also connect to ES.

Open issues:

The multitenant ES and the next steps for the harmony project remain open. Gabor will write some of the topics that are of interest to opencraft and Moises will add some from edunext's side.

Meeting on dec 26: Some members of edunext will be on vacation and proposed to cancel that meeting and instead meet again on the Jan 9th schedule.



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Quick recap



The team discussed updates and projects, including a focus on cost optimization and a cloud-first approach. Gábor from Opencrops shared an update and awaited review, while Jeremy provided updates on the evaluation of dev space options. The team also reviewed open issues and PRs, with Moisés proposing a transformation of the plus service into Channel services as an official community solution. The team agreed to continue with the account for the next two meetings, with a focus on brainstorming future steps in the next meeting.









Cloud First, Cost Optimization, and Harmony Project Updates

The team discussed various updates and projects. Moisés mentioned the introduction of cloud first, and the focus on pushing spot instances and creating clusters. They also mentioned that the Harmony project didn't receive much focus but hinted at a potential discussion about issue 50. jhony joined the meeting late and confirmed that the current focus is on cost optimization. Gábor from Opencrops mentioned that they updated a request and is waiting for review. Jeremy shared updates on the evaluation of dev space and the comparison of different options.



Integrating Code Jail With Containerization

Jeremy discussed the challenges faced in integrating code jail with containerization, particularly its incompatibility with Kubernetes. They suggested the possibility of developing a separate service that would have to operate in a VM, with app armor being used. Moisés and Felipe also contributed to the discussion, with Moisés bringing up the issue of enforcing the apartment profiling within the container, while Felipe noted the difficulties in separating execution and sending it to a service outside. Jeremy agreed to publish their findings for further review and discussion.



Projects, Improvements, and Community Solutions

The team discussed ongoing projects and potential improvements. Jeremy and Tim have been leading a discovery process, with Felipe suggesting involvement from another team member with relevant experience. Moisés proposed transforming the plus service into Channel services as an official solution for the community. Emad raised concerns about the limitations of multi-tenant elasticsearch and suggested documenting this issue. Gábor mentioned plans to contribute to various areas and proposed outsourcing some tasks to harmony. The team also reviewed a list of open issues and PRs, with some projects like the multitelastics research and next steps for the hardware project still pending. Moisés agreed to document these suggestions as issues.



Rescheduling and Brainstorming Ideas

Moisés suggested the idea of staying with the account for the next two meetings, while Felipe proposed the idea of canceling the meeting scheduled for December 26th in favor of one on January 9th. The team agreed to this proposal. Felipe also asked for the next meeting to focus on brainstorming ideas for future steps. Emad mentioned that they will be attending the January meeting. The team wrapped up the meeting without any other topics to discuss.