Redwood Meeting Planning #1, Jan 11, 2024


Automated transcript and notes:


  • What are the biggest pain points around the community releases? Community release painstorming exercise

  • How do we get to the ideal? Define goals and deliverables for the group

  • Product Gantt chart - Early socializing, is this the right path forward?

  • What’s next? Decide on cadence and schedule for touch points 


Painstorming exercise (20 mins)


  • Open writing exercise, one pain point per sticky note (5 mins)

  • Group review and categorization (10 mins)

  • Prioritization and ownership (5 mins)


Goals and deliverables (15 mins)

  • Group synthesizing activity, based on prioritization outcomes from painstorming exercise


Product Gantt Chart (20 mins)

Goal is to have set list of features expected in Redwood by end of January

  • WIP 2024-2025 Community Release Planning

  • Questions to explore:

    • Is this workflow right? (product definition —> technical discovery —-> implementation and refinement —-> ready for community testing)

      • Can we create a set of standards/requirements to guide the hand off to BTR for community testing? (product release notes, technical documentation, testing instructions, etc. MFEs will have their own additional requirements, what else?)

      • Can we do release testing iteratively, as features are rolled out in real time? For ex, Tagging MVP will be ready for “release” by the end of Feb, do we need to wait until the code cut-off in April to test it for Redwood?


Next steps (5 mins)

  • Do we meet regularly? Who is included? Can this space become a regular (sprint? monthly?) release planning meeting?