Agenda, January 17th, 2024

Transcript & summary (automated, by Otter): Open edX Marketing Discussion


  • Next external conference to attend: Learning Technologies Conference in London

    • Dates: April 17 & 18

    • Partner Participants: Abstract Technology, Edly by Arbisoft, and Raccoon Gang

  • Open edX Conference 2024

    • CFP is closing today - please submit a proposal , if you have not done so

    • BizDev Workshop

      • Participants: Appsembler, Abstract Technology, OpenCraft, eduNEXT, edSPIRIT, and Edly by Arbisoft

      • Topics: Open edX LMS global market standing (compared to its competitors), consumer feedback & buyer personas, analysis of the Open edX roadmap and alignment with consumer demand

  • Open edX Provider page updates + Experience Cloud Updates

  • OKR Strategy Review