2024-02-01 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes

 Date, time, location

  • Feb 1, 2024 at 15:00 UTC



  • @Brian Smith

  • @Fox Piacenti

  • @Yagnesh Nayi

  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • Khaled (Edspirit)


  • Front-end maintenance, e-commerce, and frontend app development. 0:34

    • Adolfo encourages volunteers to maintain repositories.

    • Front-end app payment and e-commerce are being re-evaluated for Redwood.

    • Adolfo discusses ongoing pluggability work, with three PRs in flight for the front end.

  • Improving release process and developer experience. 14:25

    • Brian Smith and Adolfo discuss the importance of testing and development, with a focus on improving the release process.

    • They emphasize the need for more MFE development in Tutor to catch pain points and make the development environment better for MFEs.

    • Developers should prioritize building for the entire community, not just their specific needs.

  • Contributing to Open edX project. 20:21

    • Brian Smith and Adolfo discuss moving courses from the "@edx" namespace to the "@openedx" namespace.

    • Yagnesh expresses interest in contributing to the project and working as a maintainer.

    • Brian Smith explains nomination process for core contributors, while Yagnesh seeks guidance on becoming a maintainer.

  • Open edX contributor roles and responsibilities. 26:55

    • Brian Smith explains the process of becoming a core contributor in the community: nominations are made on the forums, and once the nomination period ends, the access to merge PRs is granted.

    • Adolfo clarifies that core contributor status comes with the responsibility of reviewing and merging PRs, but not necessarily coding or programming skills are required.

    • Adolfo suggests contributing to an existing repository to become a core contributor.

 Action items