Large Instances Meeting Notes 2024-02-06


Assign meeting lead and note taker.
@Gábor Boros to lead the meeting. @Felipe Montoya takes notes.

Greetings & introductions as needed.


No new updates. The Open PRs by @Gábor Boros are still waiting for engineering review.



@Cristhian Garcia has been working on getting aspects to run correctly in large installs. Current step is to move events from celery to event bus. Cristhian reports the aspects library that moves events to the event bus is stable, but the tutor-contrib-event-bus-redis has not been tested for this.

Escalation of Ralph might be an issue. At the moment the team is investigating the implications of redis for this.

some axim members have had access to perfomance metrics of the site which have been very useful for finding performance regressions. @Dave Ormsbee (Axim) asks the group how this is handled by the different companies.
Opencraft - no performance regressions monitoring. They try to upgrade as soon as posible.
edunext - monitors performance using newrelic, sentry and grafana for the largest service.

Axim is looking at ways to maintain the performance monitoring in a future where there is less focus on the instance and how the key personnel could access the info. Dave will follow up per email.

Review of issues

  • @Jhony Avella as we add more charts to harmony it is becoming difficult to maintain. The proposal is to break the main chart into sub-charts for monitoring, ingress, and so on.

  • proposal to put more work into the tutor plugin part of harmony

  • next stepts after PR #51 by Gabor is merged.

  • Gabor’s PR 51 is adding the necessary tooling to get the prometheus data source connected.

  • @Gábor Boros Should we have an ADR for the splitting the chart into subcharts? @Jhony Avella definitely. Will put more detail into works.

  • Incoming ticket requesting to upgrade the tutor requirement. @Jhony Avella will take ownership.

  • 4 Open PRs. @Gábor Boros has addressed the comments. The second review by @Jhony Avella is pending.

Open mic
- no issues opened