2024-02-15 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes: React Query

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In this meeting we’ll be discussing react-query and its usage in our ecossystem.



  • @Adam Stankiewicz

  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • Alvaro Briano

  • @Brian Smith

  • @Fox Piacenti

  • @Hamzah Ullah

  • @Jason Wesson

  • @Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

  • @Yagnesh Nayi

🤖 Summary

The Frontend Working Group Meeting focused on discussing the utilization of React Query within their projects, transitioning away from Redux for state management. @Adam Stankiewicz led the presentation, highlighting React Query's advantages, including simplified server state management, automatic refetching, and improved maintainability. The group explored React Query's ability to handle server-side state efficiently, reducing the need for complex state management solutions like Redux. Attendees discussed how React Query streamlines API call handling, offers built-in loading and error states, and allows for efficient data fetching and caching. The conversation also touched on best practices for using React Query, such as query key management and the distinction between client and server state. The meeting concluded with an acknowledgment of React Query's potential to simplify frontend development workflows, with members expressing interest in adopting it for future projects.

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