2024-04-01 BTR Meeting Minutes


Apr 1, 2024


  • @Jorge Londoño

  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Peter Pinch

  • @Donato Bracuto

  • @Jenna Makowski

  • @Chris Patti

  • @Chelsea Rathbun

  • @Farhaan Bukhsh

  • @Sarina Canelake

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Quick recap

The team discussed updating a community calendar link and deleting a recurring Zoom meeting. They reviewed security updates and issues tracking, and assigned testing coordination roles for the Redwood project. A new wiki space was introduced for documenting Redwood features, and a system for organizing product documentation was presented. The integration of new development, including a front-end plugin framework and an AI translation feature, was deliberated. Progress updates were led by Jason Weston and Lung Su, and a monthly planning meeting was scheduled.

Next steps

  • Adolfo will delete the recurring meeting from Zoom and coordinate with Peter to ensure the testing workaround is implemented for the new features.

  • Jenna will compile and organize all the new feature documentation in the new Wiki space for Redwood, ensuring it serves as a central resource for all team members.


Updating URL, Zoom Meeting, and Agenda

Peter sent a link to two individuals waiting in another room, while Jorge and Adolfo discussed updating a URL in the community calendar. Adolfo suggested deleting a recurring Zoom meeting to prevent issues with the link, which was agreed upon by the group. Jorge then shared the meeting's agenda, which included updates from Maga and Majo on security patches and issues tracking, respectively. Jorge requested a review of these updates, and a reminder would be sent in Slack if no one could provide a review.

Redwood Project Coordination and Documentation

Jorge informed the team that he had arranged for Dean to assist with the testing coordination role for the Redwood project. Peter was asked to lend Dean a hand, share responsibilities for the project release, and coordinate the effort between them. Jenna introduced a new wiki space for documenting all features related to Redwood, aiming to create a singular source of truth for the project. The team agreed to update this wiki with information on their respective tasks, with a focus on the major new features in the upcoming release.

Streamlining Product Documentation and Integration

Jenna introduced a new system to streamline the organization of product documentation, which includes various types of documents and test acceptance criteria for new features. The team appreciated the system's potential to improve the release notes process and decided to adopt the Gherkin method for documenting acceptance criteria tests. They also committed to prioritizing the documentation of new features in Redwood and addressing various integration concerns. The studio facelift, which involved a new MFE, was identified as the primary focus due to its extent.

New Development Integration and Deployment

The team discussed the integration of new development into their existing project. Adolfo proposed that the approach of the studio facelift should be applied to all new developments. Jenna indicated a timeline of 2 to 3 weeks to align the documentation with the code cutting. Adolfo expressed concern about potential issues with the deployment of new features, particularly with content tagging and video uploads. Peter suggested using feature flags for new features during testing, which was agreed upon by Adolfo. Lastly, Adolfo acknowledged the recent decision regarding front-end plugins.

Front-End Plugin Framework Approach

Adolfo decided to implement the front-end Plugin framework approach for plugins and aimed to have at least one plugin slot or UI slot per officially released MF for Redwoods. He also suggested integrating the new learner navigation bar as a plugin. Jenna proposed having a separate line item for each, and Adolfo agreed, mentioning the need for supporting JavaScript configuration for the Tutor MFE, which currently doesn't exist. Adolfo further clarified that the front-end pluggability framework uses a more flexible way to configure MFes, with JavaScript configuration, promoting configuration flexibility for plugins.

New Configuration Method and LMS Integration

Adolfo proposed a new configuration method, which would be implemented as a plugin to ensure flexibility and reduce risk. This method, currently under discussion, may not be included in the Redwood release but is a crucial action item for the coming weeks. Additionally, plans were made to integrate an AI-powered translation feature into the learning management system (LMS) as a plugin, which could be used for AI translations or other purposes, given the LMS's flexibility. Adolfo recommended adding an additional slot for the sidebar to accommodate this new feature. The impact on the product list and features was also discussed.

Project Progress and Discussion

Adolfo informed the team that the progress of the project was being led by Jason Weston and Lung Su, and encouraged everyone to follow the Wg. Front end Channel or attend meetings for updates. Jorge reminded the team about the next important meeting set for the following week's Thursday to provide monthly planning. Peter sought clarification on the decision-making process for the upcoming 'Redwood' release, and Jorge explained that the meeting would provide enough information to make a final decision, though a specific date might not be set. Chelsea raised a concern about an unresolved risk related to the left sidebar nav, and agreed to initiate a discussion with the relevant teams.

 Discussion topics





Action Items





Action Items




@Jorge Londoño




Follow-up on action items of previous meeting

  • @Jorge Londoño will ask for help a last time during the next Contributor Meetup on March 19 and let Peter know the outcome.

@Jorge Londoño




Update on Product release documentation and tests

@Jenna Makowski



Frontend plugins!

@Adolfo Brandes

Short version:

  • We’re going with FPF

  • We’ll try to get at least one slot per officially released MFE

  • The new learner navigation bar might also make it in as a plugin

  • We’ll need to get tutor-mfe to support JS configuration