Large Instances Meeting Notes 2024-04-02


Assign meeting lead and note taker.

@Felipe Montoya will lead the meeting, @Gábor Boros take notes.

Greetings and introductions — welcome @Farhaan Bukhsh .

Updates from each org on the call

What's new with your deployment(s)?


  • Was mainly focusing on MFEs, and investigated the implications of the recently published XZ backdoor on clusters and Amazon Linuxes.

  • The majority of WG members were absent for the past week.

  • @Felipe Montoya hopes to share the K6 tests with the WG after removing internal code.


Raccoon Gang:

  • Planning to test a cluster with 50k - 100k users.

  • Will publish their latest version of locust, which was forked from the opened repo and maintained.

  • @Moisés González is interested in the test results as eduNEXT was experiencing performance degradation in some cases.

Harmony project updates



  • The recent changes in the licensing of Redis is concerning and should be discussed to replace it. If yes, the should replacement be part of a Tutor plugin or not?