2024-05-09 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes: Plugin Slots

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Standardizing plugin slots.



Adolfo Brandes, Brayan Cerón, Brian Smith, Fox Piacenti, Glib Glugovskiy, Hina Khadim, Jason Wesson, Jesper Hodge, Marlon Keating, Max Frank, Mohamed Rafeeh Ibrahim, Zameel Hassan

🤖 Summary

  1. Redwood Cutoff and Milestones:

    • Upcoming Redwood cutoff in two hours.

    • Review of tasks and milestones, including the standardization of plugin slots and conversion to the frontend component header.

    • A PR related to the header replacement is pending review.

    • Additional tasks include addressing an agenda mail block variance and minor fixes for string replacements and plugin work.

  2. Header and Learner Dashboard Update:

    • Ongoing efforts to replace the header with the Open edX version.

    • Some tasks still pending and need follow-up from specific teams.

  3. Brian Smith’s Update on Standardizing Plugin Slots:

    • Introduction of a standardized approach for plugin slots across MFEs.

    • Detailed documentation and example codes for each slot.

    • Discussion on how to handle dependencies and updates without breaking existing implementations.

    • Future goals include having reusable slots across all MFEs.

  4. Discussion on Implementation and Usage:

    • Questions about the adoption and implementation of new slots.

    • Clarification on the impact of the new implementation on existing codebases and future projects.

  5. Tutor Users and Plugin Slots:

    • Exploration of how tutor users can utilize plugin slots, considering current limitations.

    • Possible solutions include forking MFEs or mounting directories at build time.

  6. Runtime Theming and Design Tokens:

    • Max Frank inquired about the support for external CSS themes using Paragon.

    • Brian Smith confirmed this aligns with ongoing design tokens efforts and provided a Slack channel for further discussions.

  7. Frontend Study Group:

    • Max Frank shared a document to track topics for the Frontend Study Group.

    • Encouragement for community contributions and participation.

    • Plans to organize and schedule future study group meetings and topics.

  8. Finalizing Modular MFEs:

    • Discussion on the potential of using Vite over Webpack for better performance.

    • Consideration of implementation details and the impact on the current workflow.

  9. Repository Management:

    • Addressing the challenge of maintaining numerous repositories.

    • Discussion on the feasibility of mono repos versus the current setup.

Next Steps:

  • Final Redwood planning session to assess the release status and address any last-minute issues.

  • Continued efforts on plugin slot standardization and runtime theming.

  • Follow-up on pending PRs and tasks related to the frontend component header and learner dashboard.

 Action items