Tour of UX Pattern Library  
edX on Non-AWS Ubuntu Servers  
Deploying and Using Open edX InsightsGabe Mulley (Deactivated)We're in Alumni Hall (AH) Ballroom West
Open edX on a Box  
Engineering Mobile Education  
Offline Capability  
Accessibility Testing  
Open edX App for Android  
The Life, the Universe, and Everything  
Interactive 3D Content  
Resources and Getting Help  
Learn How to Install Open edX  
High Quality Assessments  
edX DevOps best practices, load > machine, deployment, scale, etc
An Ansible Role for Each XBlock  
Knotes XBlock demonstration
Real Multitenancy the Future of Microsites
Open edX Universities Symposium IBL
Instructional Design Principles and Best Practices Intro  
Open edX for Corporate Training  
Conditional Content 1 of 3 & Other Hackathon Requests  
Open edX/edX Community University Partners Love Community Portal
Get Ready for the Hackathon Set up dev stack with DB (I hope he's okay with this)


Available Rooms

LocationTopic(s)Has projectorAdditional Notes
Fireplace Lounge  May have to share with students, can fit multiple groups
Tishman YesCan fit multiple groups
Cowchair Room (LWC 104)   
LWC 210 Yes 
LWC 305  room sometimes loud
LWC 415   
AH Ballroom East YesHas projector, can fit multiple groups
AH Ballroom West YesHas projector, can fit multiple groups
AH Auditorium  Can fit multiple groups
LWC 4th floor cafeteria  Can fit multiple groups, great view!