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3D Model ViewerExtensionEngine
to include and view 3D .obj models within a courseNone
ACID XBlockedX-solutions
a block for testing the implementation of the XBlock runtimeAGPLv3
Active TableDavidson, OpenCraft


A tabular problem type, where students have to fill in some of the cells of a table.
Adventure XBlockedX-solutions, OpenCraft
creating a simple Chose Your Own Adventure style simulationAGPLv3
Animation XBlock
Shows students an animation they can go through. There is a set of images with corresponding text, and a slider for going through these imagesAGPLv3
Audio XBlock
This is a simple XBlock which will play audio files as an HTML5 audio element. If unavailable, it will fall back to an embed elementAGPLv3
Azure Media Services XBlockMicrosoft Corporation


This XBlock allows for the inclusion of videos that are hosted on Azure Media Services inside of Open edX courses. The XBlock supports subtitles/captions via WebVTT standards as well as interactive transcripts.MIT
Bibblio XBlockProversityLIVE (MAINTAINED)Allows for easy inclusion of Bibblio content recommendation module as a courseware component. It supports auto-ingestion and user differentiation. AGPLv3
Brightcove Video XBlockedX-solutions, OpenCraft
 to include Brightcove videos within a courseAGPLv3
Box XBlockThe Open UniversityLIVE (ABANDONED)Adds in very basic coloured boxes around some HTML.AGPLv3
Captioned Image XBlockThe Open UniversityLIVE (ABANDONED)A template for adding large images with captions, copyright attributions and long descriptions.AGPLv3

Carousel XBlock


 XBlock to provide carousel of multimedia instructional content including images, video, documents.This XBlock currently supports three web hosted media formats in a unified media carousel for course content presentation. This XBlock also provides a way to integrate instructional media with a separate workspace that could be used for hands-on activities.
ChatGPT XBlockCodeWithEmadLIVE (MAINTAINED)An OpenedX XBlock to communicate with ChatGPT in your courses.AGPLv3

CarouselWorkspace XBlock

Click here for the demo


This is our second XBlock to combine learning content and practice space within the same window. The first XBlock provided a multimedia carousel to host learning contents here. This XBlock along with providing a multimedia carousel, focuses on embedding a separate url of a web-enabled workspace for hands-on activities. In the example below, we demonstrate this XBlock with terminal emulator using open source Gateone application.AGPLv3
Click to RevealThe Open University


Allows students to reveal HTML content when the button is pressed.AGPLv3
Cohort SelectorCurricu.meLIVE (ABANDONED)Allows students to self-select their cohort. Our use case uses this as a language selector in conjunction with Content Groups, for dual-language courses. Only tested as far as Dogwood. AGPLv3
Voice recognizer XblockPerpetual Learning
allows students to recognize their voice and can see the what they spoken in text format. It supports multiple languages. This version works best on Google Chrome.AGPLv3
Discussion XBlockedX-solutions, OpenCraft


a prototype of the discussion XModule as a separate, pure XBlock. Functional, but requires patches to edx-platform at the momentAGPLv3

Done XBlock

Giulio Gratta

Stanford Online
Lets a student mark they've finished an activity.AGPLv3
Drag and Drop XBlockedX-solutions, OpenCraft
exercise which asks students to drag and drop text or image elements into different buckets according to their contentAGPLv3
Drag and Drop XBlock v2

edX-solutions, OpenCraft


enhanced version of the Image Explorer XBlock. Due to incompatible data model with v1, the original XBlock still remainsAGPLv3
Flash XBlockMarCnu
Embed Flash (.swf) files in your courseAGPLv3
Flow Control XBlockeduNEXT


The Flow Control Xblock provides a way to display the content of a unit or to redirect the user elsewhere based on compliance with a condition that evaluates the submission or the score of a problem or a set of problems.AGPLv3

Google Drive XBlock

enables embedding of Google Documents or Google Calendar within a courseAGPLv3


Giulio Gratta

Stanford Online
Button to send request to server to grade user.AGPLv3
Group Project XBlockedX-solutions


to allow students to work as a group of 2-5 on a group project, with peer grading between projects and team members. Functional, but requires patches to edx-platform at the momentAGPLv3
Group Project XBlock v2OpenCraft 
second generation Group Project XBlock: allow students to work as a group of 2-5 on a group project, with peer grading between projects and team members, embedded discussions support and richer project navigation. Functional, but requires patches to edx-platform at the moment.AGPLv3
Hastexo XBlockHastexo
enables course authors to define and integrate arbitrarily complex computing environments running on private or public clouds, which auto-suspend when not in use. Currently supports OpenStack Heat.AGPLv3
H5P XblockEdlyLIVE (MAINTAINED)Provides ability to host and play H5P content in open edXMIT
Image Explorer XBlockedX-solutions
Display tooltips on top of an image within the course contentAGPLv3

Image Modal XBlock

Giulio Gratta, Steven Burch

Stanford Online
A fullscreen image modal XBlock.AGPLv3
JSME Molecular EditorDavidson College, Jazkarta
A molecular structure problem type
LeaderBoard XBlockOpenCraft 


allows to display an arbitrary number of top scoring threads in an inline discussion, as well as top scores in a graded exerciseAGPLv3
Mathematica Cdf XBlockPoliMediaUPV
Xblock to visualice cdf(mathematica) filesNone
Mentoring XBlockOpenCraft, edX-solutions


This XBlock allows to automate the workflow of real-life mentoring. Superseeded by the v2 of the XBlock, called "Problem Builder".


Giulio Gratta
Stanford Online
XBlock for transcribing manuscripts using MUFI font.None
OfficeMix XBlockOfficeDev


allows for the embedding of lectures hosted on Office Mix directly into a courseMIT License
Ooyala Video Player XBlockedX-solutions,


to include Ooyala videos within a course. It supports transcripts, overlays (to place raw text or html content at a specific moment in your video) and player tokens (to secure your video content using a token with an expiration time)AGPLv3
Oppia Exploration


allows embedding of an Oppia exploration within coursewareApache
Version 2 of the Open Response Assessor Project. Provides functionality for peer assessment, self assessment, student trainingAGPLv3
Paella Video XBlockPoliMediaUPV 
XBlock to visualice paella/matterhorn videosGPL
PDF XBlockPoliMediaUPV
XBlock to visualize PDFsGPL
PDF XBlock (alternative)MarCnu
Another XBlock to embed PDF, with XBlock title and download buttonsGPL
Personality TestIONISx
Course component (Open edX XBlock) that provides a Personality TestNone
Pie Chart XBlockExtensionEngine
to include a pie char within a courseNone

Poll & Survey XBlock


edX, OpenCraft
 enables a course author to create survey/poll elements to get feedback from students. Poll XBlocks have one question, and a series of answers. Survey XBlocks have several questions. Now incorporated into edx-platform natively!AGPLv3
Pokeymanz XBlockJulia Hansbrough
Enables you to embed Twitch plays PokemonNone
Print XBlockThe Open UniversityLIVE (ABANDONED)A very simple button to print the page. Does nothing more than pressing CTRL+P would, so requires a print-friendly theme. Exists entirely because a lot of students don't seem to realise that they can print webpages without a button.AGPLv3
Problem Builder XBlockOpenCraft
Set of interactive exercises, and tools to automate the workflow of real-life mentoring within an edX course. It supports: free-form answers (textarea) which can be shared accross different XBlock instances (for example, to remind a student of an answer he gave before), MCQs (multiple choice questions), MRQs (multiple responses questions), rating scales, progression tracking (allowing to check that the student has completed the previous steps before allowing to complete a given XBlock instance).AGPLv3
Proctoring xBlockPerpetual Learning


Use this xBlock to enable proctored exams within Open edX. Supported on Dogwood release onwards. Uses the ProctorU proctoring service behind the scenes.


PuMuKIT2 Opencast Video XBlockTELTEK Video Research


This XBlocks allows to integrate PuMuKIT2 Video Platform into Open edX to manage videos or even record personal videos.AGPLv3
Qualtrics SurveyStanford Online  
For creating a Qualtrics Survey.AGPLv3
Rating XBlockUC3Mx
Rating and comment the video unitGPL
S3 Uploader/DownloaderCurricu.meLIVE (MAINTAINED)Easy to use front-end area for course staff to add course uploads for sharing with students. Staff can just drag files onto the LMS instead of having to use Studio to upload files. Integrates with S3 storage. 
displays School Yourself lessonsAGPLv3
Signpost XBlockThe Open UniversityLIVE (ABANDONED)A basic template for activity signposts to instruct students in a task to complete, alongside an icon.AGPLv3
SSH XBlockDennis1990
Provides a web-based terminal emulator through which students can send commands to a server via ssh. The server details and credentials are set by the tutor in the XBlock settings and are not visible to the student.None

sqli XBlock

Jason Bau

Stanford Online
SQL Injection Capture the Flag exercisesNone
Staff Graded AssignmentsMITODL, Jazkarta
Students are invited to upload files which encapsulate their work on the assignment. Instructors are then able to download the files and enter grades for the assignment.AGPLv3
Table XBlockadlnet
Table XBlock is a tool used to create user-editable tablesApache
Peer Instruction XBlockAGPLv3
Video JS XBlockMarCnu
Use Video.js HTML5 player instead of the default oneGPL
2048 XBlockSarina


Allows students to play 2048 in the platform (ungraded). Works in workbench but has css errors in the platform. Contributions welcome.None`
UniPlayerLongmen, eduStack


Most video providers use <embed> tag to share video. The UniPlay just allows instructors to add <embed> videos in CMS.GPL
Vector DrawingDavidson, OpenCraft


An XBlock for creating vector drawing exercises - ask students to position vectors & points on a figure (eg. sum of forces)

VideoJS Xblock ProLongmen, eduStack
Video Xblock using Video.js 4.12.11, Features : .vtt substitle upload support ; tracking log support; more controller and plugins.
Vimeo XBlockSporeDataLIVE (ABANDONED)

Embeds Vimeo videos within coursesAGPLv3
ZOOM Cloud RecordingsCurricu.meLIVE (ABANDONED)List the ZOOM Cloud Recordings for a ZOOM account.  (Replaced by ZOOM LTI tool)






Thoughts and Design Decisions

What information do we want captured?

  • Name (link to github, confluence page, what?)
  • Functionality
  • Actively maintained (satisfied by status)
  • License
    • Default no license file (None) to All Rights Reserved?
  • who made it/maintains it
  • example of in action
  • installation instructions or something. (trusting this to be attached to github page)
  • status
    • Live (maintained): green
      • This means someone can use it in their own Open edX instance
    • Live (abandoned): yellow
      • You can use it, but do so at your own right
    • In progress: blue
      • being worked on. You might want to message the contact.
    • Dead: red
      • I assume we want a dead one to mean "Total disaster" or something.
  • Notes column? Useful, but already looks busy
  • Whether it's merged?
  • Voting/rating (do people like it or use it?)


as we have little space in terms of columns, I'd suggest we narrow it down to the columns that will help us accomplish 3 objectives:

1) give the name and description of the component

2) showcase the contributor (this is very important to get people to actually add items to the list)

3) key info to help users find what the need with filters, sorting, searching etc

for instance

to search:  description, tags

to filter: status, license, tags, provider, category??

to sort: rating  (I'm looking into alternatives with confluence pluggins or macros ex: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate