2018-05-11 Meeting notes - Credo




  • Credo is looking to add functionality to Studio to allow the use of QTI content.
    • Not an exhaustive translation of the whole spec, but something that would cover about a dozen common question types that are being used by their content authors importing things from Canvas (roughly 300 courses).
    • Much of this would translate to Capa problems, but it would also involve other XBlocks like ORA2.
    • This would be a transform into OLX, not an implementation of a new QTI-rendering XBlock.
  • Currently looking at doing this at the course import level. 
    • Would also cover content libraries as well, unless that is difficult to do for some reason.
    • Possibly as a pre-processing/transformation step that hooks in after the files are decompressed locally, but before the bulk of the import process kicks off.
    • Waffle-flagged, so that it can be optionally enabled.
  • Ability to export to QTI is not in scope.
  • Timeline: Looking to wrap up development by end of May or early June.
  • Side note: Credo won't be at this year's Open edX conference, so we won't be able to meet up there.

Action items