Remote Hangouts

We currently have the following monthly remote hangouts that give the Open edX community a chance to come together.

Community Hangout

This occurs on in the second week of each month and is for anyone interested in Open edX (link). Some of the common topics include:

  • Updates to the community about the Open edX Conference
  • Updates about the upcoming release of Open edX
  • Inform the community about future architectural changes in the platform
  • Have a "Show and Tell" where the community shows new features they have been working on

Configuration Hangout

This occurs on the fourth Tuesday of each month is primarily for operators of Open edX that are running the software. Some of the common topics includes:

  • The edX devops team can provide upcoming operational changes to the community
  • Information on future django migrations that may be difficult
  • Discuss different security issues and fixes to the latest Open edX release
  • Discuss various technology changes such as moving from mysql to aurora

Architecture Hangout

This occurs on the third Tuesday every other month and the audience is mainly folks interested in architectural design discussions in depth (link). 

  • The content of the meeting is owned by the edX Architecture team
  • Provides an opportunity for edX to inform the community about upcoming arch changes and the logic for those changes
  • Allows the community a chance to voice any concerns
  • In general, it is not a place where final decisions are made but are discussions that could lead to OEP proposals and improvements