Event Tracking (tracking logs)

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The tracking logs contain a wealth of information, but can be challenging to work (TODO: explain why)

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Capturing Unit Page View Events

Sometimes you might be interested in just the events that indicate a student viewed a unit page. Unfortunately, it appears there is no page_view or unit_view type event in the tracking logs with the URL as a separate property.

Instead (unless I've got this wrong), when a user views a unit page, an event is recorded with event_type set to the URL of the unit viewed. This then complicates any routine written to filter these events out, because other components (e.g Problem Builder XBlock) also launch events that write a URL to the 'event_type' property.

What to do. What to do. At the moment, my hypothesis is filtering event_type values for strings that start with /courses/course-v1:(some_course_key)/courseware/ will only produce event that signify a Unit page view. Hoping someone can either confirm or correct that here.

- danielmcq