Updating the docs front page (docs.edx.org)

To update the edX documentation home page at docs.edx.org, you need to update an HTML file in the docs.edx.org repository.

To update the docs.edx.org web page

  1. In the docs.edx.org repository, check out the master branch.
    Note: If you're using the command line, after you check out master, you may have to run git pull to update the branch.
  2. In Finder, navigate to docs.edx.org/index.html and open index.html in Sublime or your preferred editing tool.
  3. After you have made your edits, which may include updating the date of a release, save, commit and push your branch. You don't need to make a pull request. Your edits go live without any further action.
  4. Check the docs.edx.org page after a few minutes to make sure that your updates have been published