Major New Feature Rollout Template

This list is intended to help Product and Documentation plan for new features.  

Feature Summary (add links if other pages exist):



Feature Targets and Dates:

Saudi (Takamol)  
Open edX Named release  


Product Owner:

Engineering Lead:

UX Lead:

Documentation Lead:

PM Contact:

Marketing Contact:

Training Contact:

Course Staff Support:

Student Support:

Open Source Contact:

Does this substantially change partner experience?

(If yes, consider webinar, blog post, portal highlight)


Does this substantially change Open edX experience?

(If yes, consider blog post, portal highlight)


Does this substantially change researcher experience?

(If yes, consider blog post, portal highlight)


Does this substantially change student experience?

(If yes, notify student support team via or support team meeting)

Should draft documentation be shared before release? 

(If yes, provide link that will be shared with early users)


Doc Task (to be done concurrently with development)Required?If yes, JIRA Number
String/message review of UX plans  
Final string reviews in software  
Add Help links/tokens  
Student-facing documentation changes  
Course staff documentation changes - Studio  
Course staff documentation changes - Insights  
Course staff documentation changes - Instructor Dashboard  
Open Education XML documentation changes  
Researcher documentation changes - SQL/Mongo  
Researcher documentation changes - Events  
API documentation changes  
Configuration changes (e.g., feature flag) copy changes  
Include in Upcoming Features in weekly release notes  
Evaluate DemoX Impact  
Evaluate edX101 Impact  
Evaluate Training Impact  



Rollout Task (to be done at release)Required?If yes, JIRA Number
Roadmap Page Update  
Include in Weekly Release Notes  
Partner Blog Post  
Partner Home Page Highlight (Dates)  
Demo (Engineering/Client/Prod Council)  
Internal Lunch and Learn/Q&A  
Open edX  
Include in next Open edX Named Release release notes  
Open edX Blog Post  
Open edX Home Page Highlight (Dates)  
For OSPRs, add to OS Hall of Fame